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Xtreme One is a WordPress Framework. It has a lot of features and tools that enable you to easily put together your ideas in order to build a WordPress Theme.

The Xtreme One code is constantly evolving, making sure it is always up to date with the newest functions in website development to provide you the best tool each day, without having to take care of writing any code.

Adjustments and built-in functions are made in a Childtheme. This avoids the situation where an update of the framework overwrites your changes.

Xtreme One uses the HTML / CSS Framework YAML. YAML has an excellent documentation in German and English. It is highly recommended to get familiar with the YAML documentation.

The amount of tools and settings makes it impossible for the settings to always look good so that they fit the respective Childtheme. Sometimes you have to make adjustments via CSS in order for the result to look like you expected it to look. During the development process of Xtreme One it was more important for us to give you the freedom to create your vision on a website with just a few clicks.
In addition to this documentation, please visit our Support Forum or Knowledgebase.

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