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Theme Feature: xtreme-make-excerpts-wp-compatible Usually, the Xtreme Excerpts, which work with customizable word count, are unable to display a specifically determined manual text snippet in the article completely true to the original. There is always an excerpt made from the article and the markup is removed. For this limitation, we have 3 possibilities.

Remove "Continue Reading"

When passing the second explicit_no_readmore parameter the <!--more--> comment is removed from the post_excerpt.

add_theme_support('xtreme-make-excerpts-wp-compatible', 'explicit_no_readmore' );

Recognize "Continue Reading"

With the explicit_detect_readmore value, you can display a "Continue Reading" text in the xtreme_excerpt() function, if the <!--more--> matching comment is available.

add_theme_support('xtreme-make-excerpts-wp-compatible', 'explicit_detect_readmore' );

Recognize and Expand "Continue Reading"

Similar to explicit_detect_readmore, we can display our "weiterlesen" text. However, with this option, a <!--more--> comment is automatically added, if none is available.

add_theme_support('xtreme-make-excerpts-wp-compatible', 'explicit_auto_readmore' );

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