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Since Xtreme One Version 1.2 you can export or import the settings of your child theme, your layouts and the widgets used in your child theme as well as their settings/contents as xml files.

Export Settings

Click the Export current configurations button and chose Save. The xml file's name will be xtreme-one-config plus the name of the child theme and the date of creation, e.g. xtreme-one-config-xtreme-minimalist-2011-04-09.xml. Important: Don't edit this file under any circumstances!

Import Settings

Click the Browse button and chose the configuration file for import. To also import the widget settings, check the Allow Widget Import box. Then, click Import Configurations and your settings will be loaded. Important: You can only import configurations of the same child theme. Importing data from the Indoor child theme in a Minimalist child theme will fail.


Check the settings after importing the configurations. If you're developing locally or transferring settings from another host, variations may occur in these points:

  • If you're using a menu, make sure that a menu with the same name exists. If this is not the case, the normal WordPress page navigation is used.
  • If you have created special templates and given them their own layout, transfer the templates before importing the configuration.
  • If you have created your own sidebars, transfer them before the import. If the sidebar is not there, sidebar-one will be displayed.
  • Xtreme Slider and post widgets work with the categories' IDs. Check the settings of the widgets after the import. For example, if you locally have a sports category with the ID 3 and the receiving host has a sports category with the ID 4, either nothing (if there is no category 4) or the wrong category will be displayed.
  • In WordPress, every widgets gets its own ID. If you want different widget settings for different child themes, you have to use new widgets for every child theme, so the contents/settings can be assigned to the widget ID.
  • Before the import, check if all widgets that are not included in Xtreme One are available.
  • We can only vouch for the widgets developed by us.
  • To get a valid xml file, we have to save certain parts of the content base64decoded. This feature is deemed dangerous by theme checks or exploid scanners. We guarantee only to save your contents. Also, the created xml file is protected against manipulation and will not be loaded if it is manipulated.

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