Include Your Own Skip Links

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In Xtreme One you have the following Skip-Links:

    <li>#content – to content area</li>
    <li>#primarynav – this Skip-Link will only display if a primary navigation exists</li>
    <li>#secondarynav – this Skip-Link will only display if a secondary navigation exists</li>
    <li>#content – in footer skip to top of page</li>

If you would like to add one or more Skip-Links to the list, you can use the hook xtreme_add_skip_link. You have to write this little function in your functions.php of your Childtheme:

function abc_skiplink() {
<li><a href="#your_ancor">Jump to Sidebar (Press Enter)</a></li>
add_action('xtreme_add_skip_link', 'abc_skiplink');

Important: The list element has the class skip.