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Note: Installing Xtreme One directly from WordPress (Themes-> Install Theme) is impossible.
With the following 5 steps, you can install and set up your own Xtreme One:

1. Download

You can download the Theme directly at or you can use the Github updater.

2. Upload to FTP

Unpack the file locally and load the complete xtreme-one folder to your webserver into the /wp-content/themes/ directory with an FTP application. If you’ve also purchased a child theme, do the same with that.
These are the correct paths.
/wp-content/themes/xtreme-one/ /wp-content/themes/xtreme-blank/ /wp-content/themes/xtreme-child-theme/
Note: Please check, if the /wp-content/themes/xtreme-one/output/ folder has writing authorization. You will need them to generate your theme later.

3. Activate Theme

Now, you go toDesign -> Themes in your WordPress backend and activate your Xtreme One child theme and/or the included Xtreme Blank child theme. After the activation, you can choose the option Xtreme One under Design.

4. Generate Theme

After entering your license key, you can choose your settings. After choosing your settings, click Generate Theme. You can find an overview over all of Xtreme One’s possible settings in our documentation at Xtreme One Backend
Note: The Xtreme Blank child theme is an “empty” child theme. It only contains the minimum of data needed for a WordPress child theme and is great as an introduction to Xtreme One development.

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