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The Xtreme One layout manager allows you to quickly and easily create individual layouts for one or several layouts. After opening the layout manager you see an overview of the created layouts with a short description as well as the matching template files. The first line always shows the standard layout named Default. The standard layout has the exact settings you have entered at Xtreme One->Default layout. The standard layout can't be deleted.

Create a new Layout

Click New Layout below the metabox. Give your layout a distinct name. The following settings are the same as for the Xtreme One->Default layout.

Assign Templates

When you're done with your settings, you have to assign them to the template files. Under Assign Template Files to new Layout you can see all available template files. Check the box of the files to which you want to assign the new layout and click Save. After saving, your created layout is displayed in the overview. You can edit or delete this layout. For this, you have to click Edit or Delete under Actions.

Edit Layout

Make your changes. If you uncheck one or several template files, they will be assigned to the standard layout after saving.

Delete Layout

When you delete a layout, the template files of that layout are assinged to the standard layout.

Custom Templates

If you create your own templates in your childtheme, you have to create a commented line with Xtreme Name: Template Name in the template similar to the WordPress page templates.


 * Template Name: Xtreme One Demo Template
 * Xtreme Name: Xtreme One Demo Template
do_action( 'xtreme_before_loop' );
while ( have_posts() ) :

        do_action( 'xtreme_before_post' );

        /* Load templates or execute output*/

        do_action( 'xtreme_after_post'; );
do_action( 'xtreme_after_loop' );

This doesn't apply only to page templates, but also for all other templates like index.php , single.php etc. That is the only way the layout manager can distinguish the template files from files like comment.php, searchform.php,header.php etc., that can't be assigned a layout. Note: The 4 actions xtreme_before_loop, xtreme_after_loop, xtreme_before_post, xtreme_after_post should be added to every template. That allows for 100 % compatibility with all Xtreme features and settings.

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