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The teaser is the container between the header and the main content area. It has to be active in the layout for you to be able to see it.


You can use 5 columns in 28 variations. For each column, a widget area is created automatically. Depending in the number of chosen columns, there will be a checkbox for text alignment for each column.

Tag Before Widget

Choose if you want the widget container to be displayed as secondary list or as div.

Tag Before Title

This tag concerns the widget title. You can choose between H3-H6 and div.

Synchronize Height with Javascript

If this checkbox is activated, all containers will have the same height. Only use this feature, if the effect will actually be visible. Don't use this feature when you have sliders or similar features in a widget area.


When you have HTML5 output activated in General Settings, the chosen element from the selection box will be used for the teaser. You can choose between aside, footer, header, nav and section. The default value is section.

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