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The Power of Xtreme One

Our first release video gives you a quick overview, how cool Xtreme One WordPress Framework is.

Editor Style Support

Since version 1.4 Xtreme One supports editor stylesheets. Write an article as it would exactly look like in your frontend.


Footer Settings

In this short video tutorial we show the vast amount of possibilities for the footer settings in Xtreme One WordPress Framework without writing a single line of code. Just via click and drag & drop.


Different Sliders for different Categories

We cover some of the new features of the Xtreme One Version 1.3 like the new advanced widget filter capabilities. The practical example shows how to add different sliders to different categories.


Create a Tabber with Widgets

A new feature of the upcoming version Xtreme One 1.3 is the option to easily create one or more tabbers with widgets. It doesn’t matter what kind of widget you like to display and it is pretty easy to accomplish.


Post Subtitles in Xtreme One 1.3

Xtreme One Version 1.3 supports subtitles for posts, pages and custom post types. The video shows how to use it.


Multisite: Global assigned Widgets

In this video we show you how to assign widgets globally to all child sites on a multisite installation. So only have to create one widget for all your multisite child sites.


Advanced WordPress Gallery

We expanded the WordPress gallery dialog with the option to exclude images and add the option to select all available image sizes. We will recommend our solution in WordPress Trac, so all WordPress user can take advantage of a better usability.


Fancybox Support

We intergrated in Xtreme One 1.4 the Fancybox. This includes the advantage of loading JavaScript only if necessary and a much better workflow while writing a article.


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