YAML Modification

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For the development of Xtreme One, it was necessary to modify YAML slightly. Please note these changes when you work through the YAML documentation or are used to working with YAML.

The Class .yamlpage

In YAML the class is called .page. Since WordPress output with the function body_class() the class .page, if it is a page, it would be a problem because of the same name and result in not foreseen behavior of the layout. That’s why we changed the name of the class into .yamlpage instead of .page.

Classes instead of IDs in Column Module

Since in the next version the content columns in YAML #col1, #col2 and #col3 change from IDs to classes we included this change in advance into Xtreme One. These don’t exist #col1, #col2 and #col3, and also no inner container #col1_content, #col2_content and #col3_content, instead the classes .col1, .col2 and .col3, and also .col1_content, .col2_content and .col3_content are available now. The ID #ie_clearing which is responsible for the clearing of .col3 also got converted into the class .ie_clearing.

The Class .xf-container

The main containers like #header, #main, #footer etc. are secured with clear:both in YAML for example. Also these main containers get at full page layout in combination with a flexible layout, the minimum width assigned. Since we use additional main containers like #primarynav, #secondarynav, #teaser and #siteinfoand if necessary you are able to create additional main containers, which ID we don’t know, we introduced the class .xf-container, which has all securities of the main containers in YAML. This class will be written automatically by the Framework, you don’t have to take care of it. Example:

<div id="header">...</div>

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