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Xtreme3D 3.6.0

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@gecko0307 gecko0307 released this 17 Dec 16:32
· 166 commits to master since this release
  • Windows/ANSI encoding support for TTFont (TTFontSetEncoding)
  • New Material functions: MaterialSetTextureExFromLibrary, MaterialGetNameFromLibrary
  • New Freeform functions: FreeformSetMaterialLibraries, FreeformMeshFaceGroupSetLightmapIndex, FreeformMeshFaceGroupGetLightmapIndex
  • ActorProxy objects
  • New Actor functions: ActorMoveBone, ActorRotateBone, ActorMeshSetVisible
  • New Object function: ObjectInFrustrum
  • Mouse and keyboard input functions
  • Window creation and management functions
  • RGB color packing functions
  • Saving and loading scene files (experimental): EngineSaveScene, EngineLoadScene
  • GLSLShader doesn't show empty error message if there are no errors
  • Fixed specular highlights in PhongShader and BumpShader
  • Many new demos and improved old demos.