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A simple Python program to solve plaintext word searches.
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Word Search Solver

A simple program to solve plaintext word searches. Written in Python2 by Fred Adams. Licensed under the MIT License.

Word Search Solver Graphic


The program takes a 2D array of lowercase letters (the word search) and a list of words, and returns the same word search with the words in uppercase.

This repository also includes a Python command line implementation of the program, which can be used to solve word searches easily, without code.

Download & Usage

  1. Make sure you have Python installed. Install Python at Most computers running macOS should have Python pre-installed. Check if you have Python installed by typing the command python and pressing enter in your command prompt or terminal. If a prompt like >>> shows up, then Python is installed.

  2. type the following command into your computer's terminal and hit enter:

    curl -o
  3. Then, to use this function in other Python programs, simply include this line at the top of your programs:


    Note that path/to/ in this command should be replaced with the relative path to the file from your Python program.

Bugs or Issues

If you find a bug or have an issue with Word Search Solver, feel free to Submit an Issue.

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