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If you are here for the first time, and want to know how to access and build BridgePoint. Read the Developer's Getting Started Guide. If you want to learn more about BridgePoint and xtUML, check out xtUML Learn. More Questions? Check the FAQ and if you don't find your answer, post your question to the xtUML Forums for help.


This project is Open Source Software (OSS) licensed under Apache 2 and Eclipse (EPL). Documentation is Creative Commons.


These projects are governed according to Eclipse Foundation policies and the long-standing engineering development process of the scientists who support BridgePoint. Everything is done in the open. The software is freely available and flexibly modified. No company owns the software.

What to Expect

Please open issues (at to identify problems you discover.
Please open issues to request new functionality.
The BridgePoint development team attempts to acknowledge issues within 2-3 days.
Issues are addressed by volunteers working in their spare time.
Providing clear reproduction steps with an attached example model increases the likelihood that an issue will be explored more deeply.
Big issues are addressed by engineers paid to fix the problems by the people raising the issues.
This is how it works.