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BridgePoint xtUML Release Notes

Release 6.17


BridgePoint is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License Agreement.

System Requirements

Category Requirement
Operating System Linux, MacOS, Windows
*Eclipse Version 4.7
*Java Virtual Machine Version 8 or later

*(supplied by installer, except JVM not supplied on MacOS)

General Notes

  • A summary of the release highlights and new functionality is available on the What's New page.

  • IMPORTANT: BridgePoint is completely open source software. Please see and for ongoing development and support of BridgePoint.

  • BridgePoint ships as a zip file, similar to standard eclipse packages. Users who wish to create desktop shortcuts to start BridgePoint should set the shortcut to start <install dir>/bridgepoint.

  • BridgePoint supports two different action languages: OAL and MASL. The default is set via workspace preferences at xtUML > Action Language > Default Action Language Dialect. The default is set to OAL.

Interoperability with Previous Releases

BridgePoint 6.17 is compatible with workspaces and projects created with prior versions back to BridgePoint 5.0. However, after opening the model in this version a modeler will not be able to open the model in a prior version.

Changelog / Roadmap

For a complete list of changes for this and all completed BridgePoint Pro releases see the BridgePoint roadmap in the issue tracking system.

Closed Issues

Issue Subject
11436 Bump engineering version to 6.17

Known Issues and Feature Requests

The BridgePoint support system is hosted at Please check here for known issues and to submit bug reports and requests for new features. This issue tracker contains all open bugs and feature requests.

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