This repository contains the source code for CSVimp, a Qt-based client designed to facilitate importing CSV data files into xTuple ERP.
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csvimp - a CSV Import Utility

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The following points should be considered when working with CSVimp source code:

  • Qt must be installed and working properly to successfully compile CSVimp.
  • CSVimp uses OpenRPT's "common" library. Therefore you need either the OpenRPT source code or OpenRPT development packages installed on your Linux box.

To build with OpenRPT sources, place the openrpt and csvimp directories in the same parent directory and compile in openrpt first. You can fork or directly clone from . You might also need to set BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=true in your environment before building in openrpt.

To build with installed OpenRPT packages, set the following environment variables:

  • OPENRPT_HEADERS names the directory where the OpenRPT header files are installed
  • OPENRPT_LIBDIR names the directory where the OpenRPT libraries are installed