This repository contains the source code for the Desktop client. The Desktop client is built using the Qt framework for C++. The client can be extended or customized using JavaScript. This client is used by all editions of xTuple ERP.
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The xTuple ERP Desktop Client Application

This repository contains the source code for the xTuple ERP desktop client. xTuple ERP is a collection of programs designed to help you run your business.

Getting Help

To learn more about:

Development Quickstart

The full set of instructions for setting up a development environment can be found on the qt-client wiki. Here's the short version:

  • Install libraries and basic development tools:
    • C++ compiler
    • git
    • an SSL library
  • Install Postgres, preferably from source
  • Get a Postgres server instance up and running
  • Install Qt, preferably from source.
  • Build OpenRPT, CSVImp, and the xTuple desktop client