This repository contains the source code for the base installation integrating xTuple and Drupal. This code builds a full website and forms the basis for all xTupleCommerce sites.

xDruple Distribution

Creating a new project

Step 1. Run Composer create-project command on your (virtual) server:

composer create-project --stability dev --no-interaction --repository-url= xtuple/xdruple-drupal project.xd && cd project.xd

Step 2. Setup fresh versions of the required files:

For a flywheel project

./console.php update:distributions -f

For a regular project

./console.php update:distributions

Step 3. Setup all the required symlinks between directories

./console.php install:prepare:directories

Step 4. Update to use project name.

Step 5. (For non-flywheel project) Prepare a new theme.

Step 6. Initialize a new repo and push it to your Github repo:

git init && \
git remote add origin && \
git push --all origin