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xTuple Release Notes

Version 4.11.2 - December, 2017

These are the release notes for the 4.11.2 xTuple ERP release. Thanks to all who contributed to make this release possible, including our CRM enhancements sponsor, Steven Buttgereit, Larry Cartee, Lee Gibson, Chris Lappe, Scott Moore, Mike Oligny, and Scott Zuke. See below for more information about deploying this release.


A handful of features have been added and a number of bugs fixed since the 4.11.1 release. Our focus has been on xTupleCommerce infrastructure and enhancing the capabilities of CRM.

Of particular interest are the following:

  • Sorting lists by multiple columns
  • Expanding document attachment capabilities
  • The ability to create prospects directly from contacts

Note: See the xTuple ERP Compatibility Matrix. You will need the following two PostgreSQL extensions:

  • plv8 - See our github wiki for more information on how to install plv8 and a blog post describing plv8 and why we introduced this new dependency.
  • ossp-uuid - If you built PostgreSQL from source code, you may have to rebuild it. Make sure to include the --with-ossp-uuid option for the configure command. See our instructions for building PostgreSQL for details.

These need to be installed on the database server, not client machines.

Features added in 4.11.2

  • Features issue #19555 Cannot Attach Quotes to Incidents (or anywhere on Document Tab)
  • Features issue #29623 [qt-client] Add fiscal year filter to trial balance
  • Features issue #29887 Add Shipto Parameter to SalesOrder
  • Features issue #30092 DOCs on JE
  • Features issue #30392 Miscellaneous Debit and Credit Memo's should not have account list filtered
  • Features issue #31105 Default in Tax Type from Vendor on Misc Vouchers
  • Features issue #31217 Need ability to create prospects from contacts
  • Features issue #31245 Incidents don't properly preserve history with respect to notes changes
  • Features issue #31445 The DocAttach dialog will need modifications to enhance its scriptability
  • Features issue #31446 Exposed QMimeDatabase to scripting
  • Features issue #31560 Support Multiple Column Order By on XTreeWidget
  • Features issue #31636 support multi-select in CRM lists to process multiple objects

Bug fixes in 4.11.2

  • Fixed issue #18973 Key entered January dates not saved correctly using DD/MM/YY dates
  • Fixed issue #19108 Extensions load in random order
  • Fixed issue #23405 4.4 Icon not as fancy as 4.3
  • Fixed issue #26635 Linux: Setup(sales) screen does not fit to the window (replaces #26568)
  • Fixed issue #26730 use xt.lock lock_expire to get rid of old, orphaned locks
  • Fixed issue #27917 Able to add comments to sales orderitem in view mode also.
  • Fixed issue #28019 Planner Code, Cost Category details are not being displayed in print report of 'Frozen Item Sites'
  • Fixed issue #28952 Mac version of 4.10.0 final desktop client is unsigned
  • Fixed issue #29316 Documents attached to incident are not being deleted from 'docass' table when incident is cancelled during its creation.
  • Fixed issue #29744 Bank Rec Date Issue
  • Fixed issue #30519 coitem_listprice should include the charass_price for configured items.
  • Fixed issue #30592 No Foreign Key to link cashrcpt with ccpay
  • Fixed issue #30729 RA with serial number broken
  • Fixed issue #30799 Voiding AP Voucher - error in Tax History Report
  • Fixed issue #30857 Vendor No. is grayed
  • Fixed issue #30894 api.custshipto view select issue with no cust shipform
  • Fixed issue #30895 ‘Item Sites’ screen is displayed behind the ‘Accounting’ setup screen when it is opened from ‘Cost Categories’ in 'Accounting'
  • Fixed issue #30908 lower level user defined cost posting to GL
  • Fixed issue #30911 api.vendor behavior fails to automatically assign crm account numbers on insert
  • Fixed issue #30913 Maintain/View privilege issues
  • Fixed issue #30922 Sales configuration has a new field (4.11) that is not "hooked up" called Ordeer Start Date
  • Fixed issue #30933 AP Credit Memo application field size issue
  • Fixed issue #30948 Invoices should have comments
  • Fixed issue #30992 Monitored Accounts don't display in xtdesktop 4.0.8
  • Fixed issue #31007 Extended price column not totalling on backlog display
  • Fixed issue #31061 desktop client does not (down)load extension translations properly from database
  • Fixed issue #31065 Recurring Invoices which are posted have Edit options available
  • Fixed issue #31118 4.11.1 upgrade breaks inventory availability report
  • Fixed issue #31126 New Purchase Orders take almost a minute to open
  • Fixed issue #31133 AR Workbench Customer Type Pattern Query Fails
  • Fixed issue #31140 Inconsistent item cluster
  • Fixed issue #31166 "Issue Batch" not working
  • Fixed issue #31168 View Costing Detail reports repeated lines
  • Fixed issue #31170 Work order routing and pick list do not show revision
  • Fixed issue #31191 Can manually add a parent item as a child in a wo
  • Fixed issue #31214 Unable to change Order Start Date on Customer Defaults
  • Fixed issue #31227 Error in updating ‘From Site’ value in ‘Transfer Order Item’ screen while creating a new transfer order.
  • Fixed issue #31228 Order Number with matching pattern is not displayed correctly in ‘Vendor’ drop down
  • Fixed issue #31229 Salesorder API view doesn't work without shipform
  • Fixed issue #31264 pricing schedule problem
  • Fixed issue #31271 Saving dates from scripts doesn't work correctly across DST
  • Fixed issue #31278 Sales Credit - project field enabled in View mode
  • Fixed issue #31284 Viewing a Sales Credit results in corrupted data in cmhead table
  • Fixed issue #31298 Issue To Ship Not respecting UOM Conversion
  • Fixed issue #31303 tabbing over an item in a list doesn't expose it to the keyboard
  • Fixed issue #31304 Future posting date
  • Fixed issue #31315 omnibus: embedded windows use default filter, not parent window filter
  • Fixed issue #31331 Bank Rec Import Error
  • Fixed issue #31455 Memory Leaks when opening C++ core dialogs from scripts
  • Fixed issue #31459 Escape value string in MetaSQL js PEG parser
  • Fixed issue #31460 Expose functions to scripting for paymentgateways
  • Fixed issue #31475 In ‘Sales Order Lookup by Item’ screen, when Sales Order is opened in ‘View’ mode, able to cancel ‘Non shipped Sales Order line
  • Fixed issue #31483 Error dialog is displayed when ‘Freight’ is entered instead of ‘Misc. Charge’ without credit account in 'Sales Credit' screen.
  • Fixed issue #31498 FRE shows inactive financial reports
  • Fixed issue #31509 CSVImp can crash during import from within desktop client 4.11.x versions
  • Fixed issue #31596 Relocate inventory: You cannot Relocate more inventory than is available
  • Fixed issue #31600 Items Sources list count in ‘Preview’ mode is mismatch when compare with list in ‘Items Sources’ screen
  • Fixed issue #31602 User is able to add ‘New PO’, when created contract is opened in ‘View’ mode from ‘Contract’ screen.
  • Fixed issue #31631 Says item on order in error
  • Fixed issue #31673 ‘Processing Error’ occurs while posting miscellaneous production.
  • Fixed issue #31679 ‘Error Retrieving Shipment Information’ dialog occurs while returning the stock issued to shipping.
  • Fixed issue #31701 catCost screen Typo's
  • Fixed issue #31709 User is unable to edit the ‘Prototype’ Type of comments by double clicking on it.
  • Fixed issue #31735 Unable to delete bad email and add correct email to Contact via copy/paste
  • Fixed issue #31798 EDIT LIST option missing from contact email
  • Fixed issue #31799 importing csv files through System > Utilities > Import Data sometimes fails with %4 error
  • Fixed issue #31960 *Transform function failing in 4.11
  • Fixed issue #31983 Receipt of Lot/Location Controlled item results in unbalanced inventory
  • Fixed issue #31984 Unnecessary change to postinvtrans() in 4.11.2

Deployment Notes

If you are running version 4.4.0 or later of xTuple ERP, you will only need to apply one updater package to upgrade to the latest release. The new updater packages are designed to bring you all the way up to their version, no matter what version (>= 4.4.0!) that you're on. See the FAQ on xTupleU if you have problems.

If you are upgrading from PostBooks to any of the other editions, you simply need to run the installation package for that edition. This will upgrade both your xTuple ERP version and edition. There is a special package for upgrading the Manufacturing Edition to Enterprise Edition.

NOTE FOR DISTRIBUTION EDITION CUSTOMERS: The xwd package no longer exists as a separate entity. All the functionality that was contained in the xwd package is now included in the single "distribution" upgrade or install package.

To be verbose about all of this:

  • postbooks-upgrade-4.11.1.gz upgrades a PostBooks database from anywhere >= 4.4.0 to 4.11.1
  • distribution-upgrade-4.11.1.gz upgrades the core (i.e. inventory) and distribution code (i.e. xwd) to 4.11.1
  • distribution-install-4.11.1.gz does a one-time install of tables, etc. for core and distribution at 4.11.1
  • manufacturing-upgrade-4.11.1.gz upgrades the core and manufacturing code to 4.11.1
  • manufacturing-install-4.11.1.gz does a one-time install of tables, etc. for core and manufacturing at 4.11.1
  • enterprise-upgrade-4.11.1.gz upgrades the core, distribution, and manufacturing code to 4.11.1
  • enterprise-install-4.11.1.gz does a one-time install of tables, etc. for core, distribution, and manufacturing at 4.11.1

PLEASE NOTE: Other packages, such as Advanced Commissions and Fixed Assets, are currently on their own release schedule and should be installed as before.