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xTuple Release Notes

Version 4.11.3 - April, 2018

These are the release notes for the 4.11.3 xTuple ERP release. Thanks to all who contributed to make this release possible, including Cordeck Building Solutions, Larry Cartee, Bernard LeJour, Alfredo Martinez, and Scott Zuke. See below for more information about deploying this release.


A handful of features have been added and a number of bugs fixed since the 4.11.2 release. Our focus has been on xTupleCommerce infrastructure and enhancing the capabilities of CRM.

Of particular interest are the following:

  • Problems opening CRM accounts, opportunities, projects, etc. using the widget menu (▼) have been fixed
  • The effects of changing shared addresses have been clarified, which should simplify CRM usage
  • A number of bug fixes and feature work were contributed by the community members named above. Thank you!


  • Features issue #31441 Add MIME type information for the File to the file table
  • Features issue #32100 Prodiem Stage Question - Need clarification about Account Warnings and Credit Limits
  • Features issue #32568 New Artina Check Format

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue #26163 Unable to add line items to a transfer order from Quick Entry tab
  • Fixed issue #27306 Credit card Cash Receipt half-fails when Accounting Period isn't defined, then fake posts
  • Fixed issue #29071 fixSerial Cannot access temporary tables of other sessions
  • Fixed issue #29181 CRM -- error in Merge Accounts
  • Fixed issue #29747 sales order line item quantity is updated though the line item quantity changes are not saved on Sales Order screen.
  • Fixed issue #30309 Purchases clearing incorrect posting on voucher
  • Fixed issue #30464 ‘Processing Errors’ dialog is displayed while creating recurring items for Incidents.
  • Fixed issue #30694 CRM -- Emphasize the scale of impact when applying address changes ""to all""
  • Fixed issue #30893 view _INSERT rule attempts invalid coalesce on tax_zone field
  • Fixed issue #31676 script toolbox and a number of qt constants, enums, and flags are not exposed to widget scripting
  • Fixed issue #31721 Unable to create ‘Invoice Item Characteristics’ in Invoice Item screen while creating new Misc. invoice
  • Fixed issue #31733 Completed tasks are still visible in task list
  • Fixed issue #31761 ‘Update’ button functionality is not working in ‘Forward Update Accounts’ screen.
  • Fixed issue #31822 ‘Error Retrieving Information’ is displayed while fetching the records for default filter as ‘Lot Sale’ characterstic type.
  • Fixed issue #31834 New quote is created without shipTo selected even shipTo is set in the session
  • Fixed issue #31879 ‘Error deleting group’ dialog is displayed on clicking upon ‘Cancel’ button and roles are created in 'List Roles' screen.
  • Fixed issue #31915 Unposted Cash Receipt from Declined CC Transaction
  • Fixed issue #31916 User is able to add comments under ‘ Remarks’ tab of ‘Item Master’ tab in ‘Item Availability Workbench’ screen.
  • Fixed issue #31922 catCostList screen has Byte Mark in 4.11.2
  • Fixed issue #31936 A/P History on Vendor workbench shows history from all vendors
  • Fixed issue #31946 ‘Prod. Cat.’ column values starting text is missing in Preview mode of ‘Capacity UOMs by Product Category’ screen
  • Fixed issue #31967 To-Do Item alarm functionality is not working
  • Fixed issue #31993 ‘Sales Order’ & ‘Quote’ windows are displayed without window titles and window size is not fit to the screen.
  • Fixed issue #31996 While closing a new account without saving, ‘Error deleting the initial Account record’ error is being displayed.
  • Fixed issue #32011 Opportunities - Cannot attach Prospect Quotes
  • Fixed issue #32022 View Item Master
  • Fixed issue #32037 ‘Contact’ filter functionality is not working in ‘Projects’ screen.
  • Fixed issue #32054 Account combo box in Contact screen isn't functioning (4.11.2 testing)
  • Fixed issue #32116 buildinvbal() excludes transactions on the last day of the month
  • Fixed issue #32121 Bank rec do not clear tax
  • Fixed issue #32135 Credit in closed period
  • Fixed issue #32177 Testing DF 4.11.2 - right click account and click open - not opening window
  • Fixed issue #32190 SO that exceeds credit limit should save on credit hold
  • Fixed issue #32265 Quote displays wrong information when opened by two people
  • Fixed issue #32297 Need metric for default freeform billto in core
  • Fixed issue #32320 Current Purchase Order item quantity value is not displayed in ‘Change P/O Item Quantity’ window.
  • Fixed issue #32351 error deleting contact
  • Fixed issue #32468 New CRM locks aren't working properly
  • Fixed issue #32496 mfg script for item list
  • Fixed issue #32526 Voiding of Cash Receipt/Customer Deposit Yields Unbalanced/Incorrect Ledger Transactions
  • Fixed issue #32534 Entering new PostBooks License Key at ""Expired Key"" Login pop-up does not also update database
  • Fixed issue #32550 ccbank_ccbank_ccard_type_check prevents upgrades once B for ACH Bank Account is added
  • Fixed issue #32629 Process/Locks Manager not nesting properly
  • Fixed issue #32700 4.11.x updater packages can fail when upgrading databases missing selected primary keys
  • Fixed issue #32700 Wrong cost when void with alt UOM
  • Fixed issue #32700 When webenabling a demo mfg database, it is possible to create duplicate xt.sordtype records

Note: See the xTuple ERP Compatibility Matrix. You will need the following two PostgreSQL extensions:

  • plv8 - See our github wiki for more information on how to install plv8 and a blog post describing plv8 and why we introduced this new dependency.
  • ossp-uuid - If you built PostgreSQL from source code, you may have to rebuild it. Make sure to include the --with-ossp-uuid option for the configure command. See our instructions for building PostgreSQL for details.

These need to be installed on the database server, not client machines.

Deployment Notes

If you are running version 4.4.0 or later of xTuple ERP, you will only need to apply one updater package to upgrade to the latest release. The new updater packages are designed to bring you all the way up to their version, no matter what version (>= 4.4.0!) that you're on. See the FAQ on xTupleU if you have problems.

If you are upgrading from PostBooks to any of the other editions, you simply need to run the installation package for that edition. This will upgrade both your xTuple ERP version and edition. There is a special package for upgrading the Manufacturing Edition to Enterprise Edition.

NOTE FOR DISTRIBUTION EDITION CUSTOMERS: The xwd package no longer exists as a separate entity. All the functionality that was contained in the xwd package is now included in the single "distribution" upgrade or install package.

To be verbose about all of this:

  • postbooks-upgrade-4.11.1.gz upgrades a PostBooks database from anywhere >= 4.4.0 to 4.11.1
  • distribution-upgrade-4.11.1.gz upgrades the core (i.e. inventory) and distribution code (i.e. xwd) to 4.11.1
  • distribution-install-4.11.1.gz does a one-time install of tables, etc. for core and distribution at 4.11.1
  • manufacturing-upgrade-4.11.1.gz upgrades the core and manufacturing code to 4.11.1
  • manufacturing-install-4.11.1.gz does a one-time install of tables, etc. for core and manufacturing at 4.11.1
  • enterprise-upgrade-4.11.1.gz upgrades the core, distribution, and manufacturing code to 4.11.1
  • enterprise-install-4.11.1.gz does a one-time install of tables, etc. for core, distribution, and manufacturing at 4.11.1

PLEASE NOTE: Other packages, such as Advanced Commissions and Fixed Assets, are currently on their own release schedule and should be installed as before.