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xTuple Release Notes

Version 4.12.0-alpha - November, 2018

These are the release notes for the 4.12.0-alpha xTuple ERP release. Thanks to all who contributed to make this release possible, including Cordeck Building Solutions, Larry Cartee, Alfredo Martinez, Scott Zuke, Steven Buttgereit, Jim Wirt, Wes Baker, and Joel White. See below for more information about deploying this release.


A large number of features and bug fixes have been added to the application since the 4.11.3 release. Our focus has been on enhancing the capabilities of CRM.

Of particular interest are the following:

  • Recurring Sales Orders
  • Bulk replacement and other improvements to contacts screen
  • Address search functionality
  • Document characteristics and other document tab enhancements
  • A number of bug fixes and feature work were contributed by the community members named above. Thank you!

Features added in 4.12.0-alpha

  • Implemented issue #3445 Add Work Order Operations by Work Center
  • Implemented issue #9924 Trim White Space at Start and End of Text Entry Fields on update
  • Implemented issue #10370 Need ability to Search Addresses
  • Implemented issue #11094 Add a PO Cost Column to the Un-invoiced P/O Receipts and Return Report
  • Implemented issue #11131 Add CSV support to Export Data Functionality and call application to open resulting CSV file.
  • Implemented issue #11525 Configure Encryption window should have a key creation editor
  • Implemented issue #11967 Cloud users need a way to set their timezone in relation to wherever the server lives.
  • Implemented issue #14260 Opportunity list does not allow you to filter by name
  • Implemented issue #22233 SO Shipping notes auto copying to PO notes for linked POs
  • Implemented issue #23330 Increase the Order setting in Characteristics.
  • Implemented issue #25092 Document Tab Enhancements
  • Implemented issue #25779 Allow Cash Receipt screen to remain open after save
  • Implemented issue #27709 Altering Customer Number in ERP when account is created by xTupleCommerce
  • Implemented issue #29289 Need to edit line numbers in BOMs
  • Implemented issue #29457 Add coitem_id, invcitem_id and invchead_id to cohist table where applicable
  • Implemented issue #30503 CRM -- Need tool to cleanse Contacts (list hygiene)
  • Implemented issue #30861 Detail on AP Misc Vr for Landed Costs
  • Implemented issue #30866 Landed Cost Cross reference document identification
  • Implemented issue #33430 Receive PO from Open PO list
  • Implemented issue #33551 Add Documents and Characteristics to the Item Group window in core
  • Implemented issue #33786 Add multi-select to billing approvals
  • Implemented issue #34081 Add Expiration date to Tax registration numbers

Bug fixes in 4.12.0-alpha

  • Fixed issue #6171 While creating a new Return Authorization it is possible to enter the expired date prior to the created date
  • Fixed issue #10146 No privileges are required to perform some transactions
  • Fixed issue #13995 Can't resize post operations screen
  • Fixed issue #16877 Print from Print Preview does nothing
  • Fixed issue #17052 Vendor Type Pattern
  • Fixed issue #18464 non - functional field in api view
  • Fixed issue #21356 Broken summarizedBOM Functions
  • Fixed issue #22377 It is possible to create duplicate Item Sources
  • Fixed issue #24325 Item source can be created with 'Inventory / Vendor UOM Ratio' field value as zero
  • Fixed issue #24368 Cannot Scroll Down on View Customer Characteristics
  • Fixed issue #24514 Item Source requires a Vendor Item Number in order to save.
  • Fixed issue #25111 Can't find where to change default ship-to name on PO
  • Fixed issue #25322 AR statement problem
  • Fixed issue #26036 Application crashes on selecting to attach an image to an 'Employee'
  • Fixed issue #26195 LotserialseqCluster does not contain "New" action
  • Fixed issue #29162 'Use Alt.Label' checkbox is in enabled mode even after 'Show Subtotal' checkbox is disabled in 'Financial Report Group' screen
  • Fixed issue #29272 Lot/Serial integrity not maintained through Transfer Order
  • Fixed issue #29417 api.itemcost and api.itemsourceprice do not default currency
  • Fixed issue #29591 The usr view is slow on databases with lots of usrpref records
  • Fixed issue #30473 Problem with saving invoice number after prompt
  • Fixed issue #30500 Unclear sales order status: no lines
  • Fixed issue #30893 view INSERT rule attempts invalid coalesce on tax_zone field
  • Fixed issue #30897 double click on pricing schedule opens in view mode vs. edit mode
  • Fixed issue #31164 Checkbox Settings Reverting
  • Fixed issue #31459 Escape value string in MetaSQL js PEG parser
  • Fixed issue #31691 Bank rec do not populate
  • Fixed issue #31801 missing field on api.invoiceline
  • Fixed issue #31856 Copy Item not copying default locations
  • Fixed issue #31857 Std Journal Entry - post requires note - but note is disabled
  • Fixed issue #31858 Auto FIscal year creator fail
  • Fixed issue #31859 ‘Error Deleting Purchase Order’ error occurs while cancelling a Purchase Order at the time of creation.
  • Fixed issue #32021 Desktop Login screen missing information
  • Fixed issue #32113 Cannot post checks from the AP workbench
  • Fixed issue #32197 Mixed UOM Price Schedule/Sales Order Pricing Issues
  • Fixed issue #32262 Sales credit return on 0 cost
  • Fixed issue #32304 Printed Sales order doesn't show the correct information
  • Fixed issue #32307 Inventory history shows cost updates when no change
  • Fixed issue #32322 ‘View Allocations...’ & ‘View Orders’ context menu options are not working for the MPS Details.
  • Fixed issue #32336 Upside down sorting arrow
  • Fixed issue #32343 Inventory transactions can result in orphaned Sales Reservations
  • Fixed issue #32371 Log In Field issue
  • Fixed issue #32453 Supply Order Issue with SO
  • Fixed issue #32601 Accounting Payables "widget" crashes xTuple
  • Fixed issue #32648 SO Ship To is not always retained( Sales Order Srops Shipto_id when Shipto has not State set and zip is 9999)
  • Fixed issue #32676 Invoice duplicate ( item alias assigned to more than one customer causes Duplicate items on Invoice Form)
  • Fixed issue #32734 DLineEdit returning passing timestamp to metasql
  • Fixed issue #32748 Location not showing up on pick list
  • Fixed issue #32770 Pricing schedule by Customer Report
  • Fixed issue #32788 dspProcess SQL syntax error (really type error)
  • Fixed issue #32827 Price values in ‘Preview’ mode of ‘Item Sources Prices’ screen are displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed issue #32842 In ‘Shipment by Shipment’ screen, attempting to query shipment number displays error.
  • Fixed issue #32855 Translation problem
  • Fixed issue #32856 Cannot set language to english
  • Fixed issue #32858 Cash receipt table field is not consistent
  • Fixed issue #32897 New incident history dialog can show up blank in older databases
  • Fixed issue #32903 void posted check fails for multicurrency on AP checks
  • Fixed issue #32908 Issue material to WO - BATCH - Serial Control item 0 on hand entire batch process stops
  • Fixed issue #32927 Invoice printing issues
  • Fixed issue #32947 Bank Reconciliation Report - bug in totaling query
  • Fixed issue #32948 Sales Order Not Creating Work Orders after first line
  • Fixed issue #32950 Erroneous SQL error when posting top-level WO scrap (4.11.2)
  • Fixed issue #32956 As of Available QOH in Inventory Availability not working
  • Fixed issue #33000 itemCharPrice() performance is slow for xTupleCommerce Product list queries with several items that have various characteristic pricing
  • Fixed issue #33100 Create workOrder checkbox not working in salesOrderItem Window
  • Fixed issue #33103 fundstype table has old "Master Card" fundstype_name from 4.10 database that was updated to "MasterCard" in 4.11
  • Fixed issue #33104 ‘Site’ column is displayed twice in ‘Employees’ screen.
  • Fixed issue #33122 Return lot tracked stock from W/O on large DB very slow
  • Fixed issue #33194 Item Copy not copying user defined costs.
  • Fixed issue #33214 4.11.3 Viewing sales order fails intermittently
  • Fixed issue #33218 Landed Costs - Incorrect element display
  • Fixed issue #33229 Advanced commissions creates a voucher that cannot be posted
  • Fixed issue #33238 Possible to receive items into inactive item sites
  • Fixed issue #33242 XM.Invoice is missing Shipping info column on Postbooks databases
  • Fixed issue #33254 shipheadbeforetrigger performance issue
  • Fixed issue #33262 Sales Order Payment/Document # Field Not Clearing Upon Saving
  • Fixed issue #33271 Puts current date in Started Date in a project
  • Fixed issue #33279 4.11 incompatible with lot serial
  • Fixed issue #33298 WO associated to SO closes automatically when the invoice in created
  • Fixed issue #33376 AP issue - Voucher Distribution Lost
  • Fixed issue #33431 Inconsistencies with Inability to delete electronically transmitted check
  • Fixed issue #33447 Project Completed date set to current day automatically.
  • Fixed issue #33448 Contact Email Addresses problem with capital letters
  • Fixed issue #33466 _widget wocharView does not edit or delete
  • Fixed issue #33500 mis spelled column name in function
  • Fixed issue #33518 Documents Tab no longer on Item Group window
  • Fixed issue #33563 Cannot void sales credit with miscellaneous line item
  • Fixed issue #33565 Possible to edit posted sales credit
  • Fixed issue #33596 WO screens take excessive time to resolve.
  • Fixed issue #33633 Bank Rec shows outstanding transactions too far into the future
  • Fixed issue #33639 Bank rec Account list has all bank accounts listed
  • Fixed issue #33714 Configured Item errors on sales order items
  • Fixed issue #33723 Discovery Doc fails to load after 33240 xt.ordhead clause
  • Fixed issue #33730 SO in project miscalculates pricing schedule
  • Fixed issue #33734 Report does not honor screen filter
  • Fixed issue #33736 Only One Lot/Serial displayed when Receipting Transfer Orders with multiple item lots
  • Fixed issue #33754 Can't print pick list for transfer orders after upgrade
  • Fixed issue #33759 Supply Order not generated if it is the same as line 2
  • Fixed issue #33812 TO receipts to not record lot serial detail in inventory history
  • Fixed issue #33833 trying to change the Scheduled Date
  • Fixed issue #33855 Pricing schedule not working for annual items?
  • Fixed issue #33858 Purchase Order Open Causes Extraneous Search Box to Open
  • Fixed issue #33879 Lot/Serial item with sequence enabled overrides ability to receipt correct lot on Return Authorisations
  • Fixed issue #33936 Item Cost by Class Code Report Different On-screen than Printed
  • Fixed issue #34022 vendor api view
  • Fixed issue #34114 view is empty after upgrade to 4.11.3

Note: See the xTuple ERP Compatibility Matrix. You will need the following two PostgreSQL extensions:

  • plv8 - See our github wiki for more information on how to install plv8 and a blog post describing plv8 and why we introduced this new dependency.
  • ossp-uuid - If you built PostgreSQL from source code, you may have to rebuild it. Make sure to include the --with-ossp-uuid option for the configure command. See our instructions for building PostgreSQL for details.

Deployment Notes

If you are running version 4.4.0 or later of xTuple ERP, you will only need to apply one updater package to upgrade to the latest release. The new updater packages are designed to bring you all the way up to their version, no matter what version (>= 4.4.0!) that you're on. See the FAQ on xTupleU if you have problems.

If you are upgrading from PostBooks to any of the other editions, you simply need to run the installation package for that edition. This will upgrade both your xTuple ERP version and edition. There is a special package for upgrading the Manufacturing Edition to Enterprise Edition.

NOTE FOR DISTRIBUTION EDITION CUSTOMERS: The xwd package no longer exists as a separate entity. All the functionality that was contained in the xwd package is now included in the single "distribution" upgrade or install package.

To be verbose about all of this:

  • postbooks-upgrade-4.12.0Alpha.gz upgrades a PostBooks database from anywhere >= 4.4.0 to 4.12.0-alpha
  • distribution-upgrade-4.12.0Alpha.gz upgrades the core (i.e. inventory) and distribution code (i.e. xwd) to 4.12.0-alpha
  • distribution-install-4.12.0Alpha.gz does a one-time install of tables, etc. for core and distribution at 4.12.0-alpha
  • manufacturing-upgrade-4.12.0Alpha.gz upgrades the core and manufacturing code to 4.12.0-alpha
  • manufacturing-install-4.12.0Alpha.gz does a one-time install of tables, etc. for core and manufacturing at 4.12.0-alpha
  • enterprise-upgrade-4.12.0Alpha.gz upgrades the core, distribution, and manufacturing code to 4.12.0-alpha
  • enterprise-install-4.12.0Alpha.gz does a one-time install of tables, etc. for core, distribution, and manufacturing at 4.12.0-alpha

PLEASE NOTE: Other packages, such as Advanced Commissions and Fixed Assets, are currently on their own release schedule and should be installed as before.