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xTuple Release Notes

Version 5.0.0-alpha - November, 2018

These are the release notes for the 5.0.0-alpha xTuple ERP release. Thanks to all who contributed to make this release possible, including Cordeck Building Solutions, Warning Lites, Larry Cartee, Alfredo Martinez, Scott Zuke, Steven Buttgereit, Jim Wirt, Wes Baker, and Joel White. See below for more information about deploying this release.


This release includes major changes to CRM functionality and the tax system, including integration with Avalara. There are significant changes to how CRM and tax data are stored in the database, so you may need to update customized scripts, reports, and MetaSQL queries. In addition, the deprecated portions of the Script Toolbox have been removed as previously announced, which may also require script updates.

Strict country checking is now required and how countries are stored in the database has been changed. Before upgrading to 5.0.0-alpha or later, you must install fixCountry 5.0.0-alpha and migrate the country data.

This alpha release includes all the changes that are part of the 4.12.0-alpha release.

Features added in 5.0.0-alpha

  • Implemented issue #4860 build association between to-do items and other objects in the system
  • Implemented issue #5453 Contacts need be to be attached to multiple CRM Accts
  • Implemented issue #5798 Filter CRM Account List window
  • Implemented issue #11770 Seeking ability to mass mail to prospects (marketing), or user-selective reporting that can export required data.
  • Implemented issue #11930 CRM -- Account Group would be helpful
  • Implemented issue #12098 CRM Account Needs CRM Account Type
  • Implemented issue #13759 CRM -- Contact Needs Contact Type
  • Implemented issue #14602 CRM should have a configuration for a default priority
  • Implemented issue #15709 any way to make the CRM Account Merge remember window size/position?
  • Implemented issue #16327 Enhance CRM Account Merge to handle Customers, Vendors and Tax Authorities
  • Implemented issue #18863 Have an option to make incidents billable
  • Implemented issue #20095 CRM Merge Utility Purge Error
  • Implemented issue #26600 Add Projects to Customer / CRM tab / Activities radio button
  • Implemented issue #27641 Add Project list to Customer on the CRM tab
  • Implemented issue #28321 CRM -- Contacts need Company Name field
  • Implemented issue #29000 Task and Todo Screens should show parent (and allow link back to parent)
  • Implemented issue #29001 Add Assignee to activity list in project screen
  • Implemented issue #29312 Shouldn't we - really - require emails to be a unique key for Contacts in dogfood?
  • Implemented issue #29683 Finish generalizing merge functions, rewrite Contact Merge utility, and finish CRM Account merge
  • Implemented issue #31218 need comment audit trail added or enhanced for CRM objects
  • Implemented issue #33305 Simplify exporting specific data from lists - columns & rows
  • Implemented issue #33307 sort columns and order (asc vs. desc) should be saved as part of the filter along with column visibility
  • Implemented issue #33323 add right-click options to add tasks to the objects that can have tasks

Bug fixes in 5.0.0-alpha

  • Fixed issue #21128 Cannot attach a quote to an opportunity for a prospect QT
  • Fixed issue #25096 XComboBox::isValid() doesn't always return the correct value
  • Fixed issue #33125 User is unable to maximize the ‘Merge Accounts’ window.
  • Fixed issue #34122 Cannot create Employees in version 5.0

Note: See the xTuple ERP Compatibility Matrix. You will need the following two PostgreSQL extensions:

  • plv8 - See our github wiki for more information on how to install plv8 and a blog post describing plv8 and why we introduced this new dependency.
  • ossp-uuid - If you built PostgreSQL from source code, you may have to rebuild it. Make sure to include the --with-ossp-uuid option for the configure command. See our instructions for building PostgreSQL for details.

Deployment Notes

If you are running version 4.4.0 or later of xTuple ERP, you will only need to apply one updater package to upgrade to the latest release. The new updater packages are designed to bring you all the way up to their version, no matter what version (>= 4.4.0!) that you're on. See the FAQ on xTupleU if you have problems.

If you are upgrading from PostBooks to any of the other editions, you simply need to run the installation package for that edition. This will upgrade both your xTuple ERP version and edition. There is a special package for upgrading the Manufacturing Edition to Enterprise Edition.

NOTE FOR DISTRIBUTION EDITION CUSTOMERS: The xwd package no longer exists as a separate entity. All the functionality that was contained in the xwd package is now included in the single "distribution" upgrade or install package.

To be verbose about all of this:

  • postbooks-upgrade-5.0.0Alpha.gz upgrades a PostBooks database from anywhere >= 4.4.0 to 5.0.0-alpha
  • distribution-upgrade-5.0.0Alpha.gz upgrades the core (i.e. inventory) and distribution code (i.e. xwd) to 5.0.0-alpha
  • distribution-install-5.0.0Alpha.gz does a one-time install of tables, etc. for core and distribution at 5.0.0-alpha
  • manufacturing-upgrade-5.0.0Alpha.gz upgrades the core and manufacturing code to 5.0.0-alpha
  • manufacturing-install-5.0.0Alpha.gz does a one-time install of tables, etc. for core and manufacturing at 5.0.0-alpha
  • enterprise-upgrade-5.0.0Alpha.gz upgrades the core, distribution, and manufacturing code to 5.0.0-alpha
  • enterprise-install-5.0.0Alpha.gz does a one-time install of tables, etc. for core, distribution, and manufacturing at 5.0.0-alpha

PLEASE NOTE: Other packages, such as Advanced Commissions and Fixed Assets, are currently on their own release schedule and should be installed as before.