issue #19735: Update Backbone and Backbone-relational versions #180

merged 46 commits into from Mar 22, 2013


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DON'T PULL THIS UNTIL 1.3.1 is tagged!
This pull request also brings in 19299: OAuth changes.

You must run a recursive submodule update.
You must delete backbone and backbone-relational folders from node-datasource/node_modules and then npm install.
All normal database updates/installs should be run.

bendiy and others added some commits Feb 22, 2013
@bendiy bendiy Merge branch '19613' into 19299 c1e6364
@bendiy bendiy Issue #19299 simi working code push. 22a6f03
@bendiy bendiy Issue #19299 better working code push. d59e26f
@bendiy bendiy Issue #19299 change expired in to seconds. 7c7abdd
@bendiy bendiy Fix merge conflict. 4d8207a
@bendiy bendiy Issue #19299 Fix XM.SimpleModel.destory function. Auth code expire lo…
@bendiy bendiy Issue #19299 add logic to support hashing/bcrypt of codes and tokens …
…stored in the db.
John Rogelstad issue #19735: Update backbone to 0.9.10 and backbone realtional to 0.8.0 40be497
John Rogelstad issue #19735: Remove obsolete code c8bf853
John Rogelstad issue #19735: Undo some linting that caused more problems than it solved 74e2b77
John Rogelstad issue #19735: Always "merge" changes so lists update. d8bd5f0
John Rogelstad issue #19735: Do not validate when building relations 0c13e1b
John Rogelstad issue #19735: Fixes to workspace and lists to properly handle backbon…
…e relational api changes.
John Rogelstad issue #19735: Make sure statuses get cleaned up properly on collections. 40db82d
John Rogelstad issue #19735: Fix problems in documents box caused by changes in the …
…way backbone relational works.
John Rogelstad issue #19735: Add missing contacts to customer 459dc19
@bendiy bendiy Issue #19299 Switch to XM.SimpleModel for all datasource models. 87d33fb
@bendiy bendiy Merge branch 'master' into 19299 ca106e8
@bendiy bendiy Issue #19299 Switch some back to XM.Model. Needs more work. 8f8f1b0
@bendiy bendiy need conditional session? ce7eded
@bendiy bendiy Issue #19299 Conditionally load session packages so REST calls do not…
… get sessions.
@bendiy bendiy Issue #19299 Change OAuth schema to normalize redirectURIs so XM.Simp…
…leModel parse works.
@bendiy bendiy Issue #19299 Working refresh token require handling. a53b270
@bendiy bendiy Issue #19299 Change tokens to UUIDs can cleanup for pull request. 9d247c7
@bendiy bendiy Merge branch 'master' into 19299 f360192
@bendiy bendiy Few cleanup tweaks. ee41c90
John Rogelstad Merge branch 'master' into 19735
John Rogelstad issue #19735: Add customer specific relations for certain objects bec…
…ause backbone relational is now much more sensitive to names and relations being re-used in other places.
John Rogelstad issue #19735: "error" trigger has been changed to "invalid. 93dd809
John Rogelstad issue #19735: Tweak so global edits work. 99e080e
John Rogelstad Merge branch 'master' into 19735 848fe92
John Rogelstad Merge branch '19453' into 19735 6ebadd9
John Rogelstad issue #19735: Remove components of model no longer needed due to upgr…
John Rogelstad issue #19735: Get rid of is not ready check once and for all. b910b44
John Rogelstad issue #19735: Fix critical flaw in setStatus. Git rid of bitwise comp…
…arison in set statement.
John Rogelstad Merge branch '19299' into 19735
@bendiy bendiy Issue #19300 tweak schema to support JWT public cert storage. 0418afd
@bendiy bendiy Fix merge conflict and update XM.SimpleModel to match change. 8f2b82e
John Rogelstad Merge pull request #25 from xtuple/master
catch up.
@bendiy bendiy Fix merge conflict. 19982ed
John Rogelstad Merge branch '19299' into 19735
John Rogelstad issue #19735: change file name a6b5a8c
John Rogelstad issue #19735: Refactor model code so it works with new oauth stuff. 3bb63f1
John Rogelstad Merge pull request #26 from xtuple/master
Catch up.
John Rogelstad Merge branch 'master' into 19735 fc0f6fe
John Rogelstad issue #19735: Tweaks to make tests squeaky clean. 411245c
@shackbarth shackbarth merged commit 15bf0dd into xtuple:master Mar 22, 2013
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