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added some privs for sales module to postbooks.js #243

merged 3 commits into from

2 participants

Mike O'Donnell Steve Hackbarth
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Commits on Apr 5, 2013
  1. Mike O'Donnell

    Merge pull request #61 from xtuple/master

    mikerodonnell89 authored
    catching up
  2. Mike O'Donnell

    added sales privs

    mikerodonnell89 authored
  3. Mike O'Donnell

    added translations

    mikerodonnell89 authored
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11 enyo-client/application/source/en/strings.js
@@ -528,6 +528,7 @@ var lang = XT.stringsFor("en_US", {
"_configureCRM": "Configure CRM",
"_configureImportExport": "Configure Import Export",
"_configurePM": "Configure Project",
+ "_configureSO": "Configure Sales Orders",
"_createNewCurrency": "Create New Currency",
"_deleteItemMasters": "Delete Item Masters",
"_editOthersComments": "Edit Others Comments",
@@ -545,9 +546,13 @@ var lang = XT.stringsFor("en_US", {
"_maintainCountries": "Maintain Countries",
"_maintainCurrencies": "Maintain Currencies",
"_maintainCurrencyRates": "Maintain Currency Rates",
+ "_maintainCustomerGroups": "Maintain Customer Groups",
+ "_maintainFreightClasses": "Maintain Freight Classes",
"_maintainImages": "Maintain Images",
"_maintainItemMasters": "Maintain Item Masters",
"_maintainProductCategories": "Maintain Product Categories",
+ "_maintainSaleTypes": "Maintain Sale Types",
+ "_maintainSalesReps": "Maintain Sales Reps",
"_maintainStates": "Maintain States",
"_maintainUOMs": "Maintain Units of Measure",
"_maintainUsers": "Maintain Users",
@@ -565,6 +570,7 @@ var lang = XT.stringsFor("en_US", {
"_maintainPersonalOpportunities": "Maintain Personal Opportunities",
"_maintainPersonalProjects": "Maintain Personal Projects",
"_maintainPersonalToDoItems": "Maintain Personal To-Do Items",
+ "_maintainTerms": "Maintain Terms ",
"_maintainTitles": "Maintain Titles",
"_reassignToDoItems": "Reassign To-Do Items",
"_viewAddresses": "View Addresses",
@@ -576,7 +582,9 @@ var lang = XT.stringsFor("en_US", {
"_viewAllToDoItems": "View All To-Do Items",
"_viewClassCodes": "View Class Codes",
"_viewCurrencyRates": "View Currency Rates",
+ "_viewCustomerGroups": "View Customer Groups",
"_viewDepartments": "View Departments",
+ "_viewFreightClasses": "View Freight Classes",
"_viewItemMasters": "View Item Masters",
"_viewPersonalCRMAccounts": "View Personal Accounts",
"_viewPersonalContacts": "View Personal Contacts",
@@ -585,6 +593,9 @@ var lang = XT.stringsFor("en_US", {
"_viewPersonalProjects": "View Personal Projects",
"_viewPersonalToDoItems": "View Personal To-Do Items",
"_viewProductCategories": "View Product Categories",
+ "_viewSaleTypes": "View Sale Types",
+ "_viewSalesReps": "View Sales Reps",
+ "_viewTerms": "View Terms",
"_viewUOMs": "View Units of Measure",
"_viewTitles": "View Honorifics",
12 enyo-client/extensions/source/sales/client/postbooks.js
@@ -55,6 +55,18 @@ trailing:true white:true*/
relevantPrivileges = [
+ "MaintainFreightClasses",
+ "MaintainCustomerGroups",
+ "MaintainSalesReps",
+ "MaintainShipZones",
+ "MaintainTerms",
+ "MaintainSaleTypes",
+ "ViewFreightClasses",
+ "ViewCustomerGroups",
+ "ViewSalesReps",
+ "ViewShipZones",
+ "ViewTerms",
+ "ViewSaleTypes"
XT.session.addRelevantPrivileges(, relevantPrivileges);
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