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This repository contains the source code for both the Mobile Web app core and the database schema for the PostBooks edition of xTuple ERP. The Mobile Web app core is written in JavaScript, using the Enyo framework for the client side and Node.js for the datasource layer. The database schema for PostBooks runs on PostgreSQL.
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xTuple Enterprise Resource Planning Mobile-Web client

Installing this project

The install script for this project is Debian based and designed to run on a 64 bit Ubuntu 12.04 machine. If you do not have 64 bit hardware the install script will not work for you and you will have to do a manual build. It is best if you do not already have postgres installed on your machine.

To install this project, first fork this repo onto your own github account and clone it into your preferred source directory. We recommend checking out the latest tagged release, but if you want to just checkout the lastest code you can skip this next step. Find and checkout the latest tag with the following:

git remote add XTUPLE git://
git fetch XTUPLE
git describe --abbrev=0 // This should output the latest tag number
git checkout {tag} // Enter output of the previous line in {tag}

Then run:

cd scripts
sudo ./

This will take a while. Then, to start the datasource, run

cd ../node-datasource
sudo ./main.js

Launch your local browser and navigate to the address localhost. Default username and password are admin.

Release Notes

View the Release Notes to see a change log.

Additional Resources

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