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Become an xTuple Developer!

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Developing for xTuple ERP is one of the most effective ways to create value for your business. Whether you contribute to our core framework or want to develop your own extension, this Wiki will guide you in this process.

1. Fork the xTuple Repository

The easiest way to get your own xTuple source code is to Fork us! Forking our repo gives you ownership of a copy of our code so that you can extend and modify it as you wish.

2. Set up Travis-CI

As a world-class ERP software solution, we have a lot of code. In order to test all that code and ensure quality, we use Travis-CI to automatically test all pull requests that are submitted to our main repository. Integrating your github account with Travis-CI is easy.

  1. Sign up with your Github account at
  2. Access your Travis-CI profile in the upper-right, find yourname/xtuple and flip the switch to activate Travis-CI on your xTuple fork.
  3. That's it! Now every time you push new code to your fork, a battery of tests will be run on your code and you will be automatically emailed if any bugs are found.

3. Install the Application for Development

xTuple makes it easy to install and run xTuple on your own computer. We use Vagrant to simplify the process of creating your own virtual xTuple server. Follow this guide to complete this process.

4. Write an Extension

The most powerful feature of xTuple for developers is the ability to write your own Custom Extensions. We've written a comprehensive walkthrough on how to write your own extension so that you can start adding value for your business right away:

5. Get Involved!

As a new developer, you will have questions and comments for us, and we would love to answer them! Collaboration and feedback from our extensive community of contributors, customers, and partners is the reason we've been able to become and remain the World's #1 Open Source ERP.

6. Get Commercial

Not all our our code is open-source. We have to keep the light on somehow! If you have a commercial relationship with us, you probably are entitled to access and build on top of our commercial code. Our private-extensions repo is your best entry-point into the inventory, manufacturing, distribution, and other commercial extensions.

7. Become an Expert

xTuple is designed to manage nearly every aspect of your business, so as you can imagine, there are is a lot of machinery involved in making this happen. We've thoroughly documented every aspect of our architecture here:

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