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<project name="as3-signals" default="swc">
<!-- Set up a prefix for all environment variables. -->
<property environment="env."/>
<fail unless="env.FLEX_HOME" message="FLEX_HOME needs to be defined as an environment variable or in the Ant build." />
<!-- Copy Flex SDK location from environment variable. This can be set manually instead. -->
<property name="FLEX_HOME" value="${env.FLEX_HOME}" />
<!-- project paths -->
<property name="root.dir" location="."/>
<property name="src.dir" location="${root.dir}/src"/>
<property name="test.dir" location="${root.dir}/test"/>
<!--<property name="libs.dir" location="${root.dir}/lib"/>-->
<property name="output.dir" location="${root.dir}/bin"/>
<property name="output.swc" location="${output.dir}/as3-signals.swc"/>
<target name="swc" depends="" description="Compile AS3 code into a SWC">
<echo>Using Flex SDK at: ${FLEX_HOME}</echo>
<java jar="${FLEX_HOME}/lib/compc.jar" dir="." fork="true" failonerror="true">
<arg value="+flexlib=${FLEX_HOME}/frameworks" />
<arg value="-incremental=true" />
<arg value="-source-path+=${src.dir}" />
<!-- Include all classes in this path. -->
<arg value="-include-sources=${src.dir}" />
<!-- Link in classes from swc library (only those used). -->
<!--<arg value="-library-path+=${libs.dir}" />-->
<arg value="-output=${output.swc}" />
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