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I am not plugin author. All credits goes to Colin and great JigoShop community. I just edit few lines.

Share, contribute and live long opensourced!

=== Installation ===

1. Download latest version from GIT
2. Extract to wp-content/plugins
3. Rename to "Woocommerce-CSV-import"(optional)
4. Enable plugin in your Wordpress Administration > Plugins
5. If is everything allright new menu "CSV Loader" appear in your Administration

=== Usage ===

Example CSV is included within plugin - "example.csv"

- Just open "example.csv" with your favourite editor (Libre Office, Open Office... maybe MS office i did not try). 
- Separation symbol is dash: "," Language should be UTF-8 if you want use special symbols.
- Edit and Save

Use CSV Loader Administration menu to load your CSV. Page is self explayning...

=== Changelog ===

Version 0.1
- Estabilished GIT
Version 0.11
- If product's name exists don't make duplication
Version 0.12
- Fixing duplication error ($upost['ID'] instead $upost->ID)