Some Firemonkey UI Controls By Myself
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Some Firemonkey UI Controls By Myself

+GesturePasswordControl is a gesture password control

TPasswordItem is password item

+MessageListView is a listview appearance by chat style

TMessageCustomObjectAppearance is the message base appearance inherit from TCommonObjectAppearance

TMessageCustomItemis the message base item inherit from TListItemDrawable

TMessageTextObjectAppearance is the text message appearance 

TMessageTextItem is the text message item 

TMessageVoiceObjectAppearance is the text voice message appearance 

TMessageVoiceItem is the voice message item 

TMessageImageObjectAppearance is the image voice message appearance 

TMessageImageItem is the image message item 

TMessageFileObjectAppearance and TMessageVideoObjectAppearance inherit from TMessageImageObjectAppearance

TMessageFileItem and TMessageVideoItem inherit from TMessageImageItem

+TCanvasHelper is class helper for TCanvas

function DrawBitmapCapInsets author by Aone(QQ:1467948783)

function DrawBitmapCapInsets1 reference firemonkey source "FMX.Styles.Objects"  TCustomStyleObject.DoDrawToCanvas

+FMXiOSNativeSearchBox is a NAtiveEdit+SeacherBox control

fix Jiugongge Chinese input method can't delete bug


can preview and record video on iOS

use AVCaptureVideoDataOutput to bring frames from the camera into various processing pipelines

use GPU processing effect and delivers rendered buffers

uses UIView displays pixel buffers on the screen using OpenGL

use of AVAssetWriter to record the displayed effect

+AniFrame frame base class switch animation

+CalendarControl CalendarControl is uses a listview like iOS Calendar style

+iOSAlbumSelection iOS Photos Selection,Show All Photos and Albums.