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Emacs Package Manager
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Emacs Package Manager



EPM is a command-line wrapper for package.el that serves as an Emacs Package Manager on command-line.


  • Emacs 24.3 or higher
  • epl 0.8 or higher



EPM is available from Melpa and Melpa-stable, you can install EPM and its dependency easily

M-x package-install RET epm RET

Since the directory package is installed to is not stable, you can setup an alias

$ alias epm='~/.emacs.d/elpa/epm-*/epm'


Install EPM's dependency epl

M-x package-install RET epl RET

Obtain EPM via git

$ git clone

Add EPM's directory to your PATH

$ export PATH=/path/to/epm/:$PATH


Run epm --help to learn the usage, below is the ouput on my machine:

$ epm --help
epm - Emacs Package Manager

    epm <command>
    epm [option]

    refresh             Download package archives
    install   PACKAGE   Install a package
    reinstall PACKAGE   Reinstall a package
    list                List installed packages
    delete    PACKAGE   Delete a package
    info      PACKAGE   Display information about a package
    search    PATTERN   Search packages
    outdated            List outdated packages
    upgrade   [PACKAGE] Upgrade a outdated package (or all outdated packages)

    -h, --help          Display this message
    -v, --version       Print version info and exit

Environment Variable:
    EMACS               The command name or executable path of Emacs

Startup File:
    ~/.epm.el           The file contains code to bootstrap package.el
                        Refer to /Users/xcy/Projects/epm/.epm.el as an example

Before you can actually use EPM to do some real package management, you may need to set EMACS and add ~/.epm.el.

Sample Startup File

;; Emacs China ELPA mirror <> is faster in China
(setq package-archives '(("gnu"   . "")
                         ("melpa" . "")
                         ("org"   . "")))

;; This is mandatory

See also .epm.el

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