A simple BBS forum based on flask, mainly for learning Web Design.
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NaHan: A Tiny Forum.

NaHan is a tiny forum written by Python flask and bootstrap. Its goal is to learn flask and web development in practice.

Topic page:

Admin page:


Major features:

  1. Whole user manage system, containing registration, login, password change, retrieve;
  2. Topic management system, login users can create topics, append topics, have comments on topics.
  3. Markdown support in topic, appendix of topic and comment.
  4. Can use @someone to remind other user anywhere. The user which be is reminded will receive notify.
  5. A convenient administrator system, super user can block or activate users, topics, nodes and comments.
  6. A simple keyword search engine, one can search some specific topics.

You can sign up for an account and have a explore as normal user. You can even login as an administrator in admin page with username 1291023320@qq.com, password 1. Then you can try to block some topics(comments and users as well) and reactive them again.

How to Run

  1. Firstly, make sure all the relevant modules installed.

    You'd better use virtualenv to create a isolated python environments, and then use pip to install all the requirements.

    pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. Do some custom configure in config.py, have a glance as followers:

    # flask config
    SECRET_KEY = os.environ.get('SECRET_KEY') or '!@#$%^&*12345678'
    # Config about senting email.
    MAIL_SERVER = 'smtp.qq.com'
    MAIL_PORT = 465
    MAIL_USE_SSL = True
    MAIL_USERNAME = os.environ.get('MAIL_USERNAME')
    MAIL_PASSWORD = os.environ.get('MAIL_PASSWORD')
    FORUM_MAIL_SENDER = 'Nahan <selfboot@qq.com>'
    # Optional, setting about translation.
    # Some config about forum, containing pagination page size, saving position and limit of avatar.
    PER_PAGE = 10   
    UPLOAD_FOLDER = os.path.join(basedir, 'nahan/static/upload')
    ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS = set(['png', 'jpg', 'jpeg'])
    MAX_CONTENT_LENGTH = 512 * 1024
    # Database setting.
  3. Start corresponding database service.

    In MacOS, start mysql using the following command:

    mysql.server start
  4. Go to the project's directory, run python manage.py runserver.

For more about how to run a flask project, you need to have much knowledge about flask, docs can be found here.