Feature request: quickfix list window weird position. #16

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Hope SingleCompile can adjust the window position.
SingleCompile seems can not put window correctly.
The output window should be here like this:

xuhdev commented Aug 31, 2012

You are using the automatic quickfix window show-up or you manually open the quickfix window?

SingleCompile is using the default quickfix window location of Vim if you use the automatic quickfix window popup.

If you open the quickfix window manually, you can run :bo cope to open the quickfix window in your preferred location.


I use automatic quickfix window show-up.

At same situation, other plugins seems can at "correct" (i mean not at a side) position. Like EasyGrep. It can show up quickfix window even I toggled NERDTree and Tagbar two plugins window.

xuhdev commented Aug 31, 2012

Does :bo cope work for you manually?


Or like this ?


Manually can work as upper screenshot with command :bo copen.


I have noticed EasyGrep has one option to set window position to botright
let g:EasyGrepWindowPosition = "botright"

xuhdev commented Aug 31, 2012

I'll take a look into this. Thank you for your report.



zhou13 commented Oct 6, 2012

According to the vim document,

Normally the quickfix window is at the bottom of the screen.  If there are
vertical splits, it's at the bottom of the rightmost column of windows.  To
make it always occupy the full width: >
    :botright cwindow
You can move the window around with |window-moving| commands.
For example, to move it to the top: CTRL-W K
The 'winfixheight' option will be set, which means that the window will mostly
keep its height, ignoring 'winheight' and 'equalalways'.  You can change the
height manually (e.g., by dragging the status line above it with the mouse).

To fix it, we need some very ugly workaround. (I tried about one years ago and see the source of vim) I think fix it in plugin isn't a good idea. Maybe we should post it on the vim maillist.


You mean a solution in Vim, not in plugin ? Yes, I always think Vim should improve the windows position management.

xuhdev commented Mar 22, 2013

Sorry for the delayed reply, I totally forgot this...

Now I have pushed the latest change involving this issue. Please test if this issue hasn't pushed you away from "SingleCompile".


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