A Vim Plugin for Lively Previewing LaTeX PDF Output
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A Vim Plugin for Lively Previewing LaTeX PDF Output

This plugin provides a live preview of the output PDF of your LaTeX file. The display of the output PDF file will be updated lively as you type (just hold the cursor and you will see the PDF file updated). Currently, vim-latex-live-preview only support UNIX-like systems. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.


Before installation, you need to make sure your Vim version is later than 7.3, and is compiled with +python feature. Then copy plugin/latexlivepreview.vim to ~/.vim/plugin.

By default, you need to have evince or okular installed as pdf viewers. But you can specify your own viewer by setting g:livepreview_previewer option in your .vimrc:

let g:livepreview_previewer = 'your_viewer'

Please note that not every pdf viewer could work with this plugin. Currently evince and okular are known to work well. You can find a list of known working pdf viewers here.


Simply execute :LLPStartPreview to launch the previewer. Then try to type in Vim and you should see the live update. The updating time could be set by Vim's 'updatetime' option. If your pdf viewer crashes when updates happen, you can try to set 'updatetime' to a higher value to make it update less frequently. The suggested value of 'updatetime' is 1000.


Screenshot with Evince