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Known Working PDF Viewers

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Generally, a PDF viewer with auto reload feature should work with vim-latex-live-preview. That is, when the pdf file opened by the viewer changes, the viewer can update it automatically. Here is a list of PDF viewers that are known to work (or partially work) with vim-latex-live-preview. Some PDF viewers would crash if you set updatetime to a very small value; if this happens, just increase the value of updatetime and try again. Built-in means vim-latex-live-preview would detect the pdf viewer automatically and choose it for you without your extra configuration. The detecting order is first evince and then okular. Feel free to add any new pdf viewers that work for you.

  • Evince (Built-in): let g:livepreview_previewer = 'evince'
    • On OS X: Evince 3 or later from MacPorts works
  • Okular (Built-in): let g:livepreview_previewer = 'okular'
  • Zathura: let g:livepreview_previewer = 'zathura'
  • Skim (doesn't work well when the pdf file updates too frequently): let g:livepreview_previewer = 'open -a Skim'
  • Preview (OS X): let g:livepreview_previewer = 'open -a Preview', the preview only updates when you move the focus on the Preview application.
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