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Documentation Status

A computer-aided translation tool written in basic.

Visit BasicCAT's homepage to see the detailed description.

How to compile

You need to install B4J to open the project and compile under windows.

For Linux/macOS, you need to use the MonoBuilder.

Libraries Used

BasicCAT cannot be done without the following libraries.

Java Libraries

  • Apache POI for export and import docx. Apache v2 Licensed.
  • Apache PDFBOX for strip PDF text and export PDF to images. Apache v2 Licensed.
  • Apache OpenNLP for lemmatizing words. Apache v2 Licensed.
  • zip4j Apache v2 Licensed.
  • jgit to do git operations. EDL Licensed.
  • SQLite JDBC to use sqlite. Apache v2 Licensed.
  • JavaWuzzy for fuzzy match. GPL v3 Licensed.
  • icu for encoding conversion and detection. Unicode Inc. Licensed.

B4J Libraries