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Xuma is a universal 3rd generation cryptocurrency that combines the best features of different coins in order to create an excellent new digital payment and storage asset.

Anonymized transactions using coin mixing technology. 1-Second-Transactions. Network stability with masternodes, each is secured with a collateral of 10,000 XMX. 100% Governance.

For further information visit us at or visit our ANN thread at BitcoinTalk

Coin Specs

  • PoW Algorithm: Quark
  • Premine: (#1 Block) 120,001 XMX (0.19% of PoW) For 12 masternodes to secure the network.
  • PoW Blocks: 2 - 299,999
  • PoS Blocks: Starting from 300,000
  • Block Time: 60 Seconds
  • PoW Max Coin Output/Supply: 49,448,850
  • PoW Ending: ~ ca. 180 Days (Estimated: August 2018)
  • Masternode Requirements: 10,000 XMX
  • Maturity: 120 Confirmations
  • Prefix: Xuma adresses start with the capital letter "X"

PoW Reward Distribution

Proof of Work block rewards.

Block HeightReward AmountMasternodesMinersGovernance
Block 2 - 40,999200 XMX20%80%10%
Block 41,000 - 81,889200 XMX75%25%10%
Block 81,890 - 88,999200 XMX67.5%22.5%10%
Block 89,000 - 330,240150 XMX67.5%22.5%10%

PoS Block Rewards

Proof of Stake will automatically be enabled at block 475201.

Block HeightReward Amount
Block 330,241 - 399,99980 XMX
Block 400,000 - 459,99940 XMX
Block 460,000 - 519,99920 XMX
Block 520,000 - 579,99910 XMX
Block 580,000 - infinite5 XMX

Masternode and staker rewards with PoS:

  • Masternodes and stakers will receive split reward when PoS sets in.
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