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Seispy is a Python module for processing seismological data and calculating Receiver Functions. The advanced functions are available to improve the Obspy.




See Seispy documentation in detail.



  • seispy.distaz: Calculate distance and azimuth (by the lithospheric seismology program at USC).
  • seispy.geo: Tiny codes of geophysics.
  • seispy.decon: Functions of deconvolution transferred from iwbailey/processRFmatlab including
    • Iterative time domain deconvolution method (Ligorría and Ammon 1999 BSSA).
    • Water level frequency domain deconvolution method (CJ. Ammon 1991 BSSA)
  • seispy.rf: Procedure for RF calculation. The functions of match_eq, search_eq invoked obspy.core.UTCDateTime and obspy.clients from the Obspy.
  • seispy.eq: RF processing for each event, which invoked, obspy.signal, obspy.taup and obspy.core.Stream from the Obspy.
  • seispy.rfcorrect: Subsequent process of RFs including moveout correction and time to depth conversion (1D and 3D) (see Xu et al., 2018 EPSL)
  • seispy.ccpprofile: CCP stacking along a profile.
  • seispy.ccp3d: 3-D CCP stacking with extracting depth D410 and D660.
  • seispy.get_cpt: Convert color map from the cpt format to the matplotlib.cmap modified from bouziot/get-cpt based on the GPLv3 license.


Receiver Functions

  • prf: Calculate PRFs for a station.
  • pickrf: Pick PRFs with virtual quality control after the calculation.
  • plotrt: Plot PRFs with R and T components order by back-azimuth.
  • plotr: Plot PRFs with R component order by back-azimuth.
  • hk: H-Kappa stacking for estimating Moho depth and crustal Vp/Vs.
  • rf2depth: Convert PRFs to depth axis.
  • ccp_profile: Stack PRFs along a profile with a CCP stacking method.
  • ccp3d: Stack PRFs with spaced bins.
  • rfani: Estimating crustal anisotropy with a joint method.
  • rfharmo: Harmonic decomposition to extract constant component of RF and plot dip/anisotropic components.


  • veltxt2mod: Create 3D velocity model with numpy.lib.npyio.NpzFile format from a ASCII table file.
  • ndk2dat: Convert the GCMT catalog file ("ndk" format) to the list file for the prf command.
  • updatecatalog: Automatically update the GCMT catalog.
  • setpar: Set up the values in configure files.


  • Download seismic data from web service for RF calculation.