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Yet Another System Region and Language Simulator
C# PowerShell
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Locale Emulator

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Yet Another System Region and Language Simulator

LE interface


Download available at

For usage, please read (in English and 中文).


If you want to help translating Locale Emulator, you can find all strings in

  • DefaultLanguage.xaml in LEGUI/Lang folder.
  • DefaultLanguage.xml in LEContextMenuHandler/Lang folder.

After you translated the above files into your language, please inform me by creating a pull request.


  1. Clone the repo using Git.
  2. Install Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 / 2017.
  3. Open LocaleEmulator.sln.
  4. Perform Build action.
  5. Clone and build the core libraries:
  6. Copy LoaderDll.dll and LocaleEmulator.dll from Locale-Emulator-Core to Locale-Emulator build folder.



LEContextMenuHandler project use source codes from Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework which is licensed by Microsoft Public License.

Flat icon set from graphicex.

All other source code files are licensed under LGPL-3.0.

If you want make any modification on these source codes while keeping new codes not protected by LGPL-3.0, please contact me for a sublicense instead.

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