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Sublime Text 2 Plugin to compile less files to css on save
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Sublime Text 2 Plugin to compile less files to css on save Requires lessc installed on PATH


  • Automatically compile less -> css on save when editing a .less file in sublime
  • Reports compilation errors
  • Compile all less files in a directory to css files

NB This plugin requires lessc to be in your execution path


Install The Plugin

Either clone into your sublime packages directory, or just use Package Control

Install Requirements

Less2Css requires lessc to compile less to css.

Mac OS X / Linux(Ubuntu/Debian…)

  1. Install NodeJS
  2. Install npm(NodeJS Package Manager)
  3. Install less
npm install less -gd


  1. Clone less.js-windows
  2. Add the path of your less.js-windows to PATH environment variable(How to?).


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