A Processing app to draw with the Leap Motion
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Leap Motion Drawing

A little Processing app to draw with the Leap Motion.
Cooked during the HardWareHackLab meetups by Volumetric.
Note it's very rough, doesn't do much, but fun to play with.

a first drawing

How to use

Start the app and put one finger above the controller. Start drawing.
Press "c" to start a new drawing.
No way to save the drawing (just take a screeshot).
Using 2 hands will draw in a weird way (not intended, not sure it's a bug though ;) )

How to modify

  • Have Processing3 installed
  • Clone the repository in your sketchbook folder. git clone https://github.com/xuv/leapmotion_drawing.git
  • This sketch uses the Leap Motion for Processing library from Darius Morawiec, so you won't be able to install it using the Add Library... menu. Just download the archive and unzip it into your sketchbook/libraries folder.
  • Open Processing, modify and run the sketch