A map of known places where urban hacker benches have been built
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uHbench map

A map of known places where urban hacker benches have been built

The map: http://xuv.github.io/uhbench-map/map.html

− Have you built a uHbench? Want to have youn instance on the map?
Add an issue with the name(s) of the builder(s), location and date or clone this repo and update the data.tsv or send a mail to juego at requiem4tv.com with those informations.

− Why this map?
A workshop and exhibition of the uHbench project has been scheduled at Constant VZW and for that they asked me to produce 2 posters that will be displayed along the benches built for the occasion. One of the poster would obviously be the instruction sheet, then for the second one, I hesitated, and went for a representation of how far this project has reached since it's creation in 2012.

−How this map was done?
Since it needed to be printed, I was willing to have a full vector file as an output. I also wanted to have an online version of it that could grow easily and be updated as more benches would be built. And since I was lurking D3js for a while now, this seemed a great opportunity to try my hands at it. And I could not be more pleased.

Except the content of the d3 & topopjson folders, the files of this project are released under a Free Art License 1.3


Julien Deswaef