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NodeTwitter is a demo Twitter proxy server built with node.js. It wraps the Twitter OAuth and REST API. It is the server side counterparty of ReactTwitter demo, which tries to demonstrate how to share unified business logic code for both React Native app and React website.

Config & Run

1.Get Twitter consumer key/secret, and add your own ./config.js file to the project:

module.exports = {
  twitterConsumerKey: 'your_twitter_consumer_key',
  twitterConsumerSecret: 'your_twitter_cosumer_secret'

2.Change ./server.js to config the callback url for native apps or web pages:

var reactTwitterAppName = 'reacttwitter'
var _requestTokenAppCallBackUrl = reactTwitterAppName + '://foo'
var _requestTokenWebCallBackUrl = 'http://localhost:8080/' + reactTwitterAppName + '/callback'

3.Change ./server.js to set the PORT if you like:

var port = process.env.PORT || 8483

4.npm install

5.node server.js

6.For how to call the server side NodeTwitter in front-end (native app or website), see ReactTwitter demo.