Bot that will notify you when there is a new Version available for Mastodon.
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Mastodon Github Notifier Bot

This is a small Mastodon Bot written in PHP to notify me when there is a new version available.


First, you need to request an OAuth $client_id and $client_secret. When you have these details, fill out the top section of update.php:

  • $mastodon_host = The Hostname of your instance. e.g.
  • $account_email = The Email associated to the account
  • $account_passw = The Password for your account.
  • $accountsToNotify = The users to notify e.g.
  • $client_id = Your App Client ID
  • $client_secret = Your App Client Secret.


Where do I find my client_id and client_secret?

You can register your app via the API. Not that tech savvy?

Try my online tool located at Just fill in the blanks and you've got your info 🍻