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Xvisor v0.1.0
(Last Commit: a341828367df801f69f2737c2362efe2e936611c)
(Release Date: 27-Oct-2011)
This is the first release of Xvisor (eXtensible Versatile hypervISOR).
The features supported in this release:
- Tree based configuration
- Tickless and high resolution timekeeping
- Threading framework
- Device driver framework
- CPU virtualization
- Address Space virtualization
- Device emulation framework
- Serial port virtualization
- Managment terminal
ARM 32-bit Port:
- Able to boot multiple unmodified Linux- or Linux-3.0.4
guest with a fairly interactive and smooth Busybox 0.19.2 console.
- Supported host for Xvisor ARM is Realview-PB-A8 Board emulated by QEMU.
- Being ported to real hardware, specifically Beagle Board.
MIPS 32-bit Port:
- Only compilable for now. It is still a work in progress.