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Xvisor v0.1.2
(Last Commit: d8873e0af7a4352b5bd88855e08f623959a73109)
(Release Date: 28-Feb-2012)
In this release, we added few features, cleaned-up our code, and formalized
our coding-style document.
New Features:
- Wait-for-interrupt support in VCPU irq subsystem
- Dynamic guest creation/destruction
- Device clock managment support in device driver framework
- RTC device framework
- Wall-clock subsystem for tracking real-time
- PL031 RTC emulators
ARM 32-bit Port:
- Replaced wfi instruction with a new hypercall. The new hypercall uses
wait-for-interrupt feature of VCPU irq subsystem.
- Added support for VCPU deinit required for destroying a VCPU
- Linux guest is able to sync date/time from emulated RTC
- Added support for emulating cache operations
- Xvisor ARM running on BeagleBoard-xM is able to boot Linux kernel on
Realview-PB-A8 guest
MIPS 32-bit Port:
- Xvisor MIPS boots up and gets to managment terminal.
- Guest support in Xvisor MIPS is still work-in-progress.
x86 64-bit Port:
- Initial compilable code for supporting Intel x86_64