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Xvisor v0.2.1
(Last Commit: 805d6650e6d7be3c0d3f07686cc26fb58d155228)
(Release Date: 03-Feb-2013)
In this release, we have new features, drivers and board supports.
New Features/Updates:
- Notifier chain support
- Light-weight virtual filesystem library
- CPIO read-only filesystem support
- Ext2 filesystem support
- FAT filesystem support (EXPERIMENTAL)
- lwIP as optional network stack
- Removed UIP as optional network stack
- Telnet daemon for managment terminal over network
- Vstelnet library for telnet access to virtual serial ports
New Drivers:
- Samsung Exynos UART driver
- Samsung Exynos RTC driver
ARM 32-bit Port:
- Added support for Sun4i SOC
- Added support for Exynos4 SOC
- Improved low-level exception handling for SMP support
- Added emulation for implemenation specific CP15 registers
- Added support for VExpress-A15 guest on hosts having hardware
virtualization support
ARM 32-bit with VE Port:
- Added support for generic timers
- Create 2MB Stage2 mapping for RAM regions whenever possible
- Added emulation for implemenation specific CP15 registers
x86_64 Port:
- Stable HPET support
- Initial context switching for Orphan VCPUs (or Threads)
- Able to get to Xvisor prompt on QEMU and Real HW but still
lacks keyboard support so can't interact
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