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Xvisor v0.2.10
(Last Commit: 2b85ae2b57f0123a29f702161fbf0a219f00ed58)
(Release Date: 19-Nov-2017)
In this release, we primarily have new features, drivers, and
New Features:
- Multiple mappings for a guest region
- SPI virtualization framework
- VirtIO host driver framework
- Backlog in block device request queue
- Customizable default affinity for hypervisor threads
- Colored RAM/ROM regions for guest
- Shared memory framework
- Shared RAM/ROM regions for guest
- Virtual messaging framework (EXPERIMENTAL)
New Commands:
- guest region_list sub-command
- shmem command
- vmsg command
New Drivers:
- VirtIO host MMIO transport driver
- VirtIO host block driver
- Generic DT-based cache color driver
- SMSC95xx usb network driver (EXPERIMENTAL)
New Emulators:
- GPIO based power emulator
- GPIO forward slave emulator
- PL022 SPI host controller emulator
New Boards:
- Added Renesas R-Car H2 Lager board support
ARM Ports:
- GICv3 support in VGIC emulator
ARM32 Port:
- No change
ARM32ve Port:
- No change
ARM64 Port:
- No change
x86 Port:
- No change