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Xvisor v0.2.8
(Last Commit: 09dd04d1e06a6ac6a9d5201d7b8a522ad388f5f4)
(Release Date: 25-Jun-2016)
In this release, we have lot of fixes, improvements, drivers and emulators.
New Features:
- Print banner from text file using boot command
- Display logo and images on framebuffer from file only
- Support for savedefconfig in top-level makefile
- Replaced vstelnet library with vsdaemon library which has support for
pluggable transport module
- vsdaemon transport for character device
- vsdaemon transport for telnet connection
- vsdaemon transport for managment terminal
- Added lite version of vmm_spin_lock()/vmm_spin_unlock() and similar APIs
- White-box testing library with lots of test cases
- New interface/APIs for registering simple emulators
- Added vmm_manager APIs to manage per-VCPU resources
- Added emulator debugging support in device emulation framework
- Added ANSI colors for logging in vmm_stdio
- Initial support for multiqueue in VirtIO Network
New Commands:
- vsdaemon command to replace old vstelnet command
- wboxtest command to invoke white-box testing library
- guest region sub-command to retrieve region info
- vdisk info sub-command to print vdisk details
New Drivers:
- BCM2835 i2c driver ported from Linux
New Emulators:
- SP805 watchdog emulator
- i.MX serial emulator
- Simplified i.MX6 Anatop emulator
- Simplified i.MX6 CCM emulator
- Simplified i.MX GPT emulator
ARM Ports:
- Added emulated SP805 device for all ARM guest types
- Added i.MX6 SMP boot method
- Added common build script to automate Xvisor, guest Linux, and
guest root filesystem compilation
- Emulate i.MX6 HW instead of VExpress-A9 for saberlite-a9 guest type
ARM32 Port:
- CP14 instruction virtualization support
ARM32ve Port:
- No change
ARM64 Port:
- No change
x86 Port:
- No change
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