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Xvisor v0.2.9
(Last Commit: 212d013404aace00b9f862c09e8a230318fe29b4)
(Release Date: 05-Feb-2017)
In this release, we primarily have new drivers, emulators and
board supports.
New Features:
- Make DTC as GIT submodule
- Generic host MSI framework (EXPERIMENTAL)
- Load-balancer is totally optional
- SDIO interface support in MMC driver framework (EXPERIMENTAL)
- Linux-like generic page table allocator for IOMMUs
- Mailbox framework ported from Linux
New Commands:
- gpio command
- spidev command
- set_hcpu sub-command to vcpu command
- set_affinity sub-command to vcpu command
New Drivers:
- i.MX6 HDMI driver
- Renesas SCIF serial port driver (Experimental)
- BCM283x miniuart driver
- BCM283x SPI controller driver
- GICv3 interrupt-controller driver
- ARM LPAE io-pgtable driver
- ARMv7 small descriptor io-pgtable driver
- Renesas VMSA-compatible IPMMU driver
- BCM2835 mailbox driver
- RaspberryPi firmware driver
- Zynq uart driver
New Emulators:
- Guest/VM Info emulator
- Simple framebuffer emulator
New Boards:
- Added Raspi3 (BCM2837) board support
- Added Xilinx ZynqMP ZCU102 board support
ARM Ports:
- Added Guest/VM Info device in all ARM guest types
- FreeRTOS guest OS on VExpress-A9 Guest
- Added simplefb device for virt-v7 and virt-v8 guest types
- Added autoboot support in basic firmware for all ARM guest types
- Made Guest NOR flash 32MB for all guest types
- Specify SMP logical ID for secondary CPUs based on smp_logical_map()
- Added CLCD support for Foundation v8 Model
- Added support for psci-0.2
- Added support for psci system restart and psci system shutdown
ARM32 Port:
- No change
ARM32ve Port:
- Added architecture specific GICv3 interface
ARM64 Port:
- Added architecture specific GICv3 interface
x86 Port:
- No change