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Xvisor v0.3.0
(Last Commit: 58592ef18c71526a0045935d1e8eed5e8553b7d6)
(Release Date: 01-Jan-2020)
In this release, we mainly have new features and lots of improvements
in RISC-V and x86_64 ports.
New Features:
- Lazy xfer API for VMSG framework
- Arch specific arch_atomic_xchg() and arch_atomic64_xchg() APIs
- Arch specific arch_vcpu_irq_can_execute_multiple() API
- Arch specific arch_cpu_print() API
- CPU hotplug notifier framework
- System time accounting for each VCPU
- Print version string using git describe
- Vscreen soft bind for Guest with framebuffer matching to Host
New Commands:
- sleep sub-commands such as secs, msecs, usecs, test_secs,
test_msecs, and test_usecs
New Drivers:
- Simple framebuffer (aka SimpleFB) driver
- Goldfish RTC driver
New Emulators:
- ns16550 serial port emulator
- SiFive PLIC emulator
- Goldfish RTC emulator
- VirtIO input device emulator
New Boards:
- No change
All Ports:
- Use vfs guest_fdt_load to populate Guest device tree
- Defconfig update script to build Guest Linux image
- Fragmented extra Linux config for each Guest type
- Removed Linux configs for each Guest type
ARM Ports:
- No change
ARM32 Port:
- No change
ARM32ve Port:
- No change
ARM64 Port:
- Added pointer authentication virtualization
- Updated Foundation v8 boot-wrapper for pointer authentication
RISC-V Port:
- Basic firmware RISC-V support for RV32 and RV64
- Basic firmware RISC-V virt machine support for RV32 and RV64
- Complete implementation of all arch_vcpu_xyz() functions
- Complete implementation of all arch_guest_xyz() functions
- Emulate SBI v0.1 for RISC-V Guest
- Lazy FP save/restore
- SBI v0.2 base extension for RV32 and RV64 host
- SBI v0.2 replacement extensions for RV32 and RV64 host
- Map Guest SBI v0.1 SFENCE calls to Host SBI v0.2 HFENCE calls
- Compliant with RISC-V Hypervisor v0.5 draft spec
- Able to create multiple SMP Guests on RV64 host
- Able to boot Xvisor on RV32 host
x86 Port:
- Mandate unrestricted guest for Intel
- LAPIC timer as system timer
- Intel extended page table support
- Intel VMCS run support
- Able to boot Xvisor on Intel host with VTx support
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