Changelog (English)

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XVM Updater v2.9

  • Adaptations for the new XVM Updater backend (new domain, HTTPS and completely automatic)
  • Hi-DPI support, the graphical user interface will now scale according to your monitor's resolution
  • New download system using Windows' URL Moniker, dropping IdHTTP
  • Code clean-up and optimizations
  • Language selection UI improvement, added Spanish language and fixed the English language flag

XVM Updater v2.8

Adaptations for the new XVM release:

  • Removed the "show win chances" option
  • Removed the "enable stats" option

XVM Updater v2.7.2

  • Switched from Windows ShellUnzip to Abbrevia TAbUnzipper
  • Fixed the bug causing the wrong detection of the WoT installation directory
  • Optimized application icon and reduced EXE size

XVM Updater v2.7.1

  • Added CONFIG_RTC in order to provide backward compatibility with the older configuration boot files
  • Minor graphical changes
  • Minor code optimizations

XVM Updater v2.7

  • Removed now unused code
  • Improved automatic folder detection
  • Added last nightly revision dynamical display
  • Fixed the silent access violation causing a wrong game version detection
  • Fixed rare cases of HTML code display in drop-down menus
  • Added Dutch translation
  • Fixed Russian translation
  • Fixed Polish translation

XVM Updater v2.6

  • Fixed a bug causing the 'Keep the old configuration' option to malfunction
  • Added Finnish translation
  • Fixed German translation

XVM Updater v2.5

Adaptations for the new XVM release:

  • Added an option to enable player stats display
  • Deleted the option to enable the minimap
  • Deleted now unused functions in the code

XVM Updater v2.4

  • Code optimizations
  • Added .NET Framework 3.5 and Visual C++ 2005 SP1 detection and if needed, installation
  • Fixed World of Tanks installation folder selection (clicking on 'No' would not close the window)
  • Fixed custom configs download for old WoT versions
  • Fixed the %TEMP% variable which was causing the Dokan installer to display an "OS unsupported" error on Windows 8 configurations
  • Fixed a minor bug in translations displaying
  • Improved the visual aspect of the progress bar when a library installer is running or files are being extracted
  • XVM Updater is now able to self-elevate on a limited Windows user account (running with limited rights leaded to numerous issues)
  • You can now close the program at any time

XVM Updater v2.3

  • Added Hungarian language
  • Minor code optimizations
  • Fixed a critical bug causing the end of the installation ​sc​ri​pt (shortcut creation and temporary files cleaning) to not being processed
  • Fixed minimap enabling procedure (added support of code comments)
  • Fixed UTF-8 handling in all configuration editing procedures (UTF-8 characters were replaced by '?')

XVM Updater v2.2

  • Multilanguage support (currently English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian)
  • Minor interface modifications to fit all languages
  • Fixed rare bug causing Desktop shortcut to not being created
  • Fixed character encoding bug in Minimap enabling procedure

XVM Updater v2.1.1

  • Fixed unknown bug that caused game version verification to raise an access violation error silently
  • Fixed a critical bug causing a "list index out of bounds" exception in rare cases

XVM Updater v2.1

  • Fixed minor interface bugs
  • Definitely fixed compatibility mode for Windows 8
  • Added 'Enable Minimap feature' option

XVM Updater v2.0.1

  • Minor code optimizations
  • Fixed Win7 compatibility mode for Windows 8
  • Fixed incorrect error message
  • Fixed some utility functions
  • Reworked code to avoid antivirus program false-positives

XVM Updater v2.0

  • Code optimizations
  • Removed reports sending
  • Fixed minor display bug in the french version
  • Fixed progress bar display bug when the installation is finished
  • Modified manual selection of the Wot installation directory (now "worldoftanks.exe" has to exist)
  • Modified user interface: removed 'About' section and some controls were reworked
  • Added XVM test versions support (dynamically loaded at runtime)
  • Added XVM configuration file choice (dynamically loaded at runtime)
  • Added Windows 8 support for Dokan installation (activated compatibility mode for Windows 7)
  • Changed program icon
  • Sourcecode is now available under GPL license

XVM Updater v1.1.1

  • Minor interface modifications
  • Minor code optimizations & fixes
  • Fixed download errors handling
  • Fixed 'Keep old XVM configuration file' option:
    • Backup of your current config file will be made if the file exists
    • The current config file will be preserved even if an old config file exists
  • Greatly reduced application size (now ~450 kB)

XVM Updater v1.1

  • Greatly improved WoT installation folder auto-detect
  • Improved a few translations/message boxes
  • Improved graphical user interface
  • Improved ​sc​ri​pt interpreting procedure
  • Fixed an error appearing randomly at the end of processing
  • Fixed an error appearing if a drive was not ready
  • Added win chances display option
  • Sc​ri​pt source can now be forced from command line (ex: "XVM_Updater.exe TEST.​sc​ri​pt")
  • Install/update procedure can now be stopped when the current action is finished
  • If an error appear while downloading, error reason is now displayed

XVM Updater v1.0.1

  • Fixed memory violation errors
  • Fixed bad verification of system files
  • Improved WoT installation folder auto-detect

XVM Updater v1.0

  • All final features implemented
  • Code reworking
  • Added report sending support
  • Added manual localization support (french/english)
  • Added working links in About section
  • Added redirected files download support
  • Install/update procedure now look at WoT client version (in order to provide the right update ​sc​ri​pt when the game is getting a newer version)
  • Install/update procedure now check if the WoT client is not working before processing (otherwise files copy gets stuck)
  • Fixed bug in IF_NEXISTS function (block was never executed)
  • Fixed bug in %WINDOWS% variable replacing
  • Fixed bug in %WOTOLDVERSION% variable replacing
  • Fixed minor bugs in ​sc​ri​pt parsing procedure
  • Fixed minor bug when a download fails
  • Changed application icon

XVM Updater v1.0 RC1

  • First release of this utility, only for test purposes
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