A minimalist file-explorer using Electron via Elm !
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Qian (wip)

Qian is an hackable micro File explorer for OSX, written in Elm and Electron. The name Qian come from the name of Zhang Qian, a Chinese explorer. (aha get it ?)



Since I'm on Mac, I mainly use the terminal to navigate my files because I do not like much Finder (I don't really have any arguments ...). So I decided to build a small file explorer (mainly to navigate my documents) that would fit perfectly to my needs.

I used Elm because I wanted to learn how to use it, and Electron because I want to prototype quickly.


The main goal of this project is not to create a revolutionary software. Just build a useful software for me. The idea is to implement features only when I need them.

If you see any changes to the code, do not hesitate to make an issue or pull-request! In addition, if a feature seems interesting to implement, let's talk about it in an issue!


  • npm install -g elm (to install Elm)
  • make install to fetch the NPM dependancies
  • make build to build the application
  • make run to run the buildt application
  • make (a combo of make build and make run)
  • make app to create a runnable app on OSX


  • Tab : toggle the focus on the searchbar
  • Cmd + Alt + Enter : Open the current folder in finder
  • Cmd + Enter : Open the current folder in a terminal
  • Cmd + < : Go on the pred view (if it exists)
  • Cmd + > : Go on the next view (if it exists)
  • Cmd + Shift + Space : Go to the parent (if it exists)

About the search bar

Using Tab you can toggle the search-bar activation. When you write text into this bar, the content of the folder will be filtered using a fuzzy-filtering. If you write /, Qian will open the first element of the result of the filtering.


  • @radmen: add the support of Fuzzy-Search (using a NoRedink's package)
  • @julien-leclercq: Makefile improvement
  • @xvw: everything else... (I think :P)